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Topic: Increase in pay for teachers in Austin, Texas

Assignment Instructions

Through this assignment, we will combine your learning from the Current Event Analysis and Policy Case Study. I want you to identify a different problem or issue (local or state) that needs political attention through policy action. Once you've identified the issue, you will be constructing an issue brief on the proposed policy action. Your 4-5 page issue brief should be constructed using the attached template and should cover the following sections:

  • Brief history of the issue
  • General accounting of the current problem (stated in a couple of sentences)
  • The options available for addressing the problem
  • Whether there are current applicable policies that need to be expanded, adjusted or eliminated
  • What actors are currently involved with the issue and where support currently exists
  • What your recommendations are and how you would propose moving the policy forward (i.e., what support needs to be built, what channels does it need to go through, what of the options listed above are most feasible, etc)

Do not complete the template attached below with bullets or broad lists. This should be a detailed analysis of each element discussed above. Write this issue brief as if you were handing it to the state governor, the head of an agency, etc. They should understand your policy, recommendations and the policymaking process of this issue through review of your issue brief. It shouldn't need elaboration from you.

Be sure to draw from our course readings and to utilize at least 3 scholarly sources. A list of good online journals is available in our online library.

*Also see the additional attachment the brief framework format*

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Final Answer



Recently, various states such as Texas, have raised teacher wages, particularly as concerns
grow over the growing teacher strikes and shortages (DeMatthews & III, 2019).
However, this has been usually reactive. The state legislators ought to inquire why that is.
they should be proactive in how they deal with issues affecting teachers such as poor pay
and high turnover rates.


Tenured bus drivers, managerial subordinates, and various other personnel in the district
would gain pay increments of more than six percent. A meeting was held in Govalle
Elementary Institution between school district personnel and Austin education
According to estimates, the salary and benefit increment would cost the district about fortynine million dollars more in the 2019-2020 school period (Taboada, 2019). The leader of
Education Austin praised it as the strongest and most powerful reimbursement package in
his twenty-one tenure in the district.
This pay increment was prompted when the governor, Greg Abbot, signed House Bill 3, an
eleven and half-billion-dollar school fiscal bill into law
The salary increments, in addition to the state fiscal increment, would be incorporated into
the general district budget of one and half billion dollars, which would be voted for by the
school board members.
Excluding the recapture money, the 2019-2020 school period operating disbursement would
make up about eight hundred million dollars of this money
House Bill 3 had been prompted by several teachers strikes in the neighboring states and
when more concerns were raised about a decline in the number of teachers in districts.
Correspondingly, the average remuneration for a teacher in Florida was thirty-seven
thousand, six hundred and thirty dollars, but the governor of Florida was asking for an
annual increment of nearly ten thousand dollars for stemming imminent teacher shortages
that would impact student accomplishments for many years.


Investing in teachers and learning institutions can’t only occur when there are strikes and
shortages. The prospects that vanish when teachers burn out, suffer from fiscal issues, and
gradually exit the profession have proven to be very costly for the learning institutions and
the students.
The teacher payment and school fiscal policies ought to be reflective of the great
contributions that teachers make in the community. Therefore, the signing of House Bill 3 in
Austin, Texas is indeed a big step forward, and measures should be taken to occasionally
review this law as times change.

DeMatthews, D., & III, L. D. (2019, November 13). Increase Teacher Pay and Support
Before Strikes or Shortages Happen. Retrieved from UT News:


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