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Draft Literature Review Section:

In discussion of each article in your literature review section you should attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What was the research question or main topic/issue explore by the authors?
  • What method or methods did they use to answer their questions?
  • What population was under study/what was the sample size?
  • Was the sample adequate in terms of size and representativeness (if applicable to the study).
  • What were their findings/conclusions?
  • What is the major weakness of that study/research?

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Literature Review: Workplace Stress
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Psychologists go through many hurdles in their professional life, as they are expected to
always maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Managing both
personal and professional life is a cause of stress for most psychologists. He adds most people
are not able to maintain a balance in their work and personal life and that stress can lead to
depression, especially if the psychologist attempts to maintain an impression of being fine when
they are not. In most cases stress is a first-line cause of premature deaths around the world today
among psychologists today. He also adds that lack of productive stress management leads to
mental illnesses and mood disorders such as anxiety disorders and depression. It is good to note
that depression has made some psychologists to commit suicide or harm others as an escape from
their hassles and stressors, even at their workplaces. However, such methods are not appropriate
stress management techniques. There is no doubt that stress can cause work constraints,
conflicts, and dissatisfaction, and can cause one to engage in workplace violence.
On the issue of stress at workplace, Botwe and his colleagues explored by the authors of
the research article, Workplace Stress and its Effects on Performance; Special reference to
Educational Sector was about workplace stress and how it affects performance in the
organization. Also, strategies an organization can use to manage the stress of employees at the
workplace were identified. The methods used in the literature review included quantitative and
qualitative approach (Botwe, Kenneth & Masih, 2017). Also, both secondary data and primary
data were used to collect information for the research. Primary data was mainly collected by the
use of questionnaires, filled out by the population under study. The statistical tool used by the
researcher included regression analysis, percentage analysis, and the chi-square. The total
population under study was 100 individuals, and the target sample size that was used was 50
individuals. Botwe, Kenneth and Masih, 2017 made use of a systematic sampling technique to



come up with the sample size, that is, 100/50=2. Therefore, each second employee has a chance
to be selected in the organization. The sample was adequate in terms of size of and
representativeness. Looking at the...

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