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I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

the answers have to be from the book ESSENTIALS OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR byStephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge

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MGT 377 Chapter 3 Review Sheet Cognitive dissonance • What do people do to reduce dissonance? • What factors affect the pressure they feel to reduce dissonance? Three major job attitudes and the outcomes they predict Organizational commitment • 3 dimensions and their relative potency for predicting desirable employee behavior Job involvement Article: “Do Happier People Work Harder?” Job satisfaction • How is it measured? • Causes of job satisfaction: What does the research say? • Outcomes of job satisfaction • Consequences of dissatisfaction o 4-response framework o What is ‘CWB’? Job satisfaction in the global workplace • Issues in managing expatriates: selection, pre-departure preparation, repatriation • Article: “The Dislocated Americans” • Case: “Fred Bailey: An Innocent Abroad” MGT 377 Chapter 7 Review Sheet 3 key elements of work motivation Is a highly motivated employee always a high performing employee? Early Theories • Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy o According to Maslow, how should a manager motivate employees? • McGregor’s Theory X / Y • Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory o According to Herzberg, how should a manager motivate employees? • McClelland’s Theory of Needs o What job features motivate those with a high n(ach)? o What needs profile is related to success as a manager? Contemporary Theories – What distinguishes this group from the early theories? • Goal-Setting Theory o 3 characteristics of effective goals o What is ‘MBO’? • Self-Determination Theory o Daniel Pink’s TED talk: “The Puzzle of Motivation” • Self-Efficacy Theory o What is self-efficacy? o How does self-efficacy affect motivation & performance? o What can a manager do to boost an employee’s self-efficacy? • Equity Theory / Organizational Justice o Case: “Steelfab Corp.” o What are outcomes? Inputs? o Predictions for workers who perceive inequity (under-reward condition) o Organizational justice: distributive, procedural, interpersonal • Expectancy Theory o Three relationships that are the focus of this theory o In what ways are these relationships weakened, thereby diminishing motivation? MGT 377 Chapter 8 Review Sheet (Spring 2020 online) Job Design / Redesign • Job Characteristics Model (JCM) o 5 core job dimensions o Outcomes o Case: “Redesigning Sarah’s Job” • Job rotation Alternative Work Arrangements • Flextime • Job sharing • Telecommuting Variable-Pay (VP) Programs: Know what piece-rate pay, merit pay, commissions, and profit-sharing are. • What motivation theory is VP an application of? (Hint! Check the graphic in the March 20 video lecture – what theory from Chapter 7 does it represent?) • What factors reduce the impact of merit pay as a motivator? • Case: “Vêtements Ltée” • Management and employee concerns about VP Flexible Benefits Employee Recognition Programs ...
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Chapter Three

Cognitive Dissonance
Dissonance is the lack of agreement amongst people or things. Cognitive dissonance
refers to a state involving an inconsistent attitude especially relating to behavioral decisions. An
attitude is a favorable or unfavorable evaluative statement about people or things.
What Do People Do to Reduce Dissonance?
People try to avoid inconsistency among their attitudes and behavior. Inconsistency is
uncomfortable and people will try to enhance consistency. To enable a stable state of consistency
or minimum dissonance, people will change their attitudes and behaviors or find a justification
for their discrepancy.
What Factors Affect the Pressure they Feel to Reduce Dissonance?
It is hard to avoid dissonance for any individual. The desire to reduce dissonance is
affected by three factors. They include, the importance of the elements creati...

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