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submit a paper that describes virtualization. Pick a virtualization platform of your choice and describe how it manages the hardware to present guest operating systems with virtual hardware.

Please remember that papers should be a minimum of 600 words. Also, don't forget parenthetical and narrative citations in the body of your text.

Assignments should be clear and detailed, sources must be cited in APA format and must have clear organization and flow.

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Virtualization is when there is a creation of something that is not real, including computer
hardware. Hardware virtualization means virtualization of computer hardware, and it helps to
inform a virtual machine that performs like a computer with an operating system. Virtualization
helps to make sure that the computer hardware is being used effectively, and the organization
gains a lot in this investment. The primary role of a virtualization platform is the ability to run in
host a guest operating system. In definition, a guest OS is a representation of an operating
system installed on a virtual machine, for example, windows or Linux..The importance is to
enhance resource mobilization in the virtual machine and availability. There are various
virtualization platforms. This paper aims to describe one of the virtualization platform VMware
and how it manages to run a guest operating system.
VMware is a type of virtualization platform that is designed for small and medium
enterprises. The company delivers solutions for different-sized businesses with various needs. It

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