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Report Format

  1. Title (Understanding Cultural Differences)
  2. Detail of findings (main tasks)
  3. Conclusion (main lesson learnt from the assignment)
  4. Sources of information

Report should not be more than five (5) pages.

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Consumer Behavior / Buyer Behavior – Assignment 1 Date of issue – 8 March 2020 Background Rituals and routines are highly subjective and culture specific. For example: A Saudi Arabia breakfast can be different from western one in terms of food selections, time of day and favored locations. Main Tasks 1. 2. Choose five rituals from the above mentioned list, try to identify and compare the major differences in Rituals and Routine of two different countries by preparing a list of respective feature and offer a suitable explanation. How do marketers make strategies and target audiences based on rituals? Explain with two examples. Report Format 1. Title (Understanding Cultural Differences) 2. Detail of findings (main tasks) 3. Conclusion (main lesson learnt from the assignment) 4. Sources of information Report should not be more than five (5) pages. Marking Scheme Total marks = 10 1. Introduction to the report 2. Detail of findings 3. Conclusion 4. Overall presentation style (2.0) (5.0) (2.0) (1.0) Last date for Submission:- 2 April 2020 WARNING !! Please Note: 1. DO NOT COPY FROM YOUR FRIEND - Anybody found copying will BE PENALISED. 2. MARKS will be deducted for Late Submission of report. ...
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Cultural differences or cultural diversity is referred to the languages, beliefs, expressions,
behaviors, and practices of a specific group of people from a particular culture or ethnicity. In
most cases, cultural traditions are practiced through rituals and routines. In an organization,
cultural differences are practices in different ways, including; workers with higher ranking, older
and younger working personnel, and employees from small areas. However, this paper will
present an overview of cultural differences following different rituals and routines used by
different countries. Also, it will document how marketers make a target and strategic audiences
based on the rituals and routines provided.
Almost every culture has a different way of performing wedding ceremonies. However,
this text will present examples of two different counties that is, Kenya in the African region and
England in the European area. First, Kenya has multiple tribes that practice marriage ceremony,
which is related. For example, in the Kikuyu community, people strictly follow their customs
and hold to the notion that a man must approach a lady first before proceeding to have a
wedding. After giving in to the proposal, the man gathers his elders, including his uncles, then
makes plans of visiting the family of the bride. Elders of both sides are given a chance to
negotiate the dowry price of the lady. After the final agreement, then the wedding is planned
where the grooms pick up the bride to the home of the husband (Leone, 2011).
On the other hand, in England, there is a Western custom where the bride wears an
elegant white gown. Color white is said to present purity. After the wedding ceremony at the



church, it is followed by a wedding reception where the guests give the couples presents and well

Different cultures have different ways of burying the dead. In Italy, most people believe
in Roman Catholicism; hence most funeral ce...

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