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Improving the Teamwork Experience

Please write in essay style, i.e., complete sentences. Format your answer as two separate paragraphs, labeled Parts One and Two. If we were meeting face-to-face, this would be a
20-minute in-class writing assignment. Therefore, two well-written paragraphs (in total) should be sufficient to complete it.

Like it or not, most of us will be involved with committees, task forces, working groups, etc. throughout our careers, and most of the time, we won’t get to choose the other members. Given that these team experiences aren’t going to end at graduation, it’s worthwhile to spend some time considering ways to make teamwork both more productive and more enjoyable.

Part One

Consider your last major team experience, one in which the team’s lifespan was more than a couple of weeks. This could be from any context – class project, student organization, sports, work, etc. Overall, would you evaluate it as a success, both in terms of your group’s performance and your satisfaction with the experience? Why or why not?

What are sometypical problems you’ve encountered in the past with teamwork? You don’t need to limit your thoughts to the single experience you described above.

Part Two

Assume that on a future job you are appointed leader of a work team or committee. How can you avoid having your team repeat the same problems you’ve experienced in the past? Applying the material about teams that you’ve learned in the chapter and video lectures, develop some specific, actionable ideas for how you, as team leader, can improve the teamwork experience for everyone involved.

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Management Organizational Behavior
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Management Organizational Behavior
Part One
Being involved in a study team during my first year in college was the greatest learning
experience. The group was a success since it was incorporated. Although I did not know what to
expect, the learning team created an environment that enabled all members to participate actively
and deliver all class assignments and ...

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