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Subject of the paper: Macroeconomics

Requirement: I need a research paper, written in APA format, 4 pages,double spacing ( IN THE THIRD PERSON !! ) which discussed these two question:

1. How does the Market System work in Hong Kong?

2. What causes Government failure? How can it be repaired?

The two topics that will discussed in this paper are the Market System and Government failure. The questions that will be answered and discussed within this paper to get a better understanding on the topics are “How does the Market System work in Hong Kong”? and ‘What causes Government Failure? How could it be repaired”

Format: The paper should be written in APAformat.. The essay should answer all the questions mentioned above. It should respect APA format- Times New Roman 12pt, double spaced.Up to date (no older than 5 years) references should be used together with in text citations

*Read the rubric attached to have a better understanding of the work*

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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Bryant & Stratton College ECON 195 Macroeconomics Research Paper Instructor: Ms. Montgomery The purpose of this project is to assist your knowledge building and provides one of the assessment tools for this class. This research will focus in whole or in part on the following course outcomes; 1. Basic economic principles and theory 2. Explore and interpret how supply and demand affect the economy by means of market forces, elasticity, and government policies 3. Examine how public policy as well as private sector initiatives impact the economy 4. Analyze macroeconomic theory and apply basic principles to data 5. Explain why production and growth, the financial system, and unemployment are key factors in the economy • • • • • • • • The research paper will be selected from two subject options from the textbook. Each subject will be presented as a question that will be answered throughout the paper. Each chosen topic must be approved by the Instructor to avoid duplicates. The paper must be at least four typed pages of text, not including cover and reference page using the APA style. The paper is to be written in the third person. Provide at least five sources, four from the virtual library or books from the library. Your textbook can be used as a source. Include at least two scholarly peer reviewed journals as sources. Include graphs, or other displays in your paper to identify and apply to the subject, but you will still need at least four pages of text. Sources for chart, pictures, or displays must be properly cited. Economic concepts must be identified and explained. . Based on your research formulate your opinion and discuss, compare and defend your analysis. Remember to “Think Like An Economist”. Paper format • Cover page • Introduction (Abstract is not required) • Body - Supporting data and sources (divided into sub-topics) • Reflective Narrative (include prior to Conclusion) o How Does This Relate To The Course? o What did you learn as a result of completing this project? • Conclusion – Include your opinion, observations and remarks. o Conclusions should never introduce new data • Reference Page Writing in third person is writing from the third-person point of view, or outsider looking in, and uses pronouns like he, she, it, or they. It differs from the first person, which uses pronouns such as I and me, and from the second person, which uses pronouns such as you and yours. Paper is worth 200 points. See attached rubric. Page 1 Criteria Exemplary Rubric: ECON 195 Good Acceptable Unacceptable Purpose The central purpose or argument is readily apparent to the reader. Topics are properly presented as questions. Data is clear. There is a clear central purpose or argument, but may sometimes digress from it. Topics are clear and generally presented as questions. Data is mostly clear The central purpose or argument is not consistently clear throughout the writing. Topics are somewhat clear and questions are somewhat presented. Data is somewhat clear The purpose or argument is generally unclear. Topics are vague and are not presented as questions. Data is unclear 30-26 pts 25-20 pts 21-19 pts 18-0 pts Balanced presentation of relevant and legitimate information that clearly supports a central purpose of argument and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of both significant topics. Reader gains Important insights. Information provides reasonable support for a central suppose or argument and displays evidence of a basic analysis of both significant topics. Reader gains good insights Fair presentation of relevant and legitimate information that sometimes support a central purpose or argument and displays fair in-depth thought of the assignment. Reader gains some insight. Analysis is basic or general. Reader gains few insights. Poor presentation of information that seldom supports a central purpose or argument and displays little in-depth thought of the assignment. Reader is confused. 45-39 pts 36-32 pts 31-28 pts 27-0 pts The ideas are arranged logically to support the purpose or argument. They flow smoothly from one to another and are clearly linked to each other. The reader can follow the line of reasoning. The ideas are arranged logically to support the central purpose or argument. They are usually clearly linked to each other. For the most part, the reader can follow the line of reasoning. In general, the writing is arranged logically, although occasionally ideas fail to make sense together. The reader is fairly clear about what writer Intends. The writing is not logically organized. Frequently, ideas fail to make sense together. The reader cannot identify a line of reasoning and loses Interest. 40-32 pts 32-27 pts 28-25 pts 24-0 pts Content Organization Page 2 Rubric: ECON 195 Good Acceptable Criteria Exemplary Sentence Structure (Grammar, spelling, & Punctuation) Sentences are wellphrased and varied in length and structure. They flow smoothly from one to another. The writing is free of errors. Sentences are wellphrased and there is some variety in length and structure. The flow from sentence to sentence is generally smooth. Here are occasional errors. Some sentences are awkwardly constructed so that the reader is occasionally distracted. The writing has many errors, and reader is distracted by them. Errors in sentence structure are frequent enough to be a Major distraction to the reader. Too many errors. 30-25 pts 24-20 pts 21-17 pts 18-0 pts Data is four pages as specified in the assignment. Paper is short up to one page as specified in the assignment. Paper is short up to two pages as specified in the assignment. Paper is short up to three page as specified in the assignment. 25-23 pts 22-20 pts 19-14 pts 13-0 pts Compelling evidence from professionally legitimate sources is given to support Claims. Attribution is clear and fairly represented. References are primarily peer reviewed professional journals or other approved sources (e.g., government documents, agency manuals,). The reader is confident that the information and ideas can be trusted. APA presented fully. Professionally legitimate sources that support claims are generally present and attribution is, for the most part, clear and fairly Represented. Although most of the references are professionally legitimate, a few are questionable (e.g., trade books, internet sources, popular Magazines). The reader is uncertain of the Reliability of some of the sources. APA presented well. Although attributions are occasionally given, many statements seem unsubstantiated. The reader is confused about the source of information and ideas. Most of the references are from sources that are not peer reviewed and have uncertain Reliability. The reader doubts the accuracy of much of the material presented. APA presented somewhat. References are seldom cited to Support statements. There are virtually no sources that are professionally reliable. The reader seriously doubts the value of the material and stops reading. APA not recognizable. 30-14 pts 13-12 pts 11-9 pts 8-0 pts Length Use and Quality of References (APA Format) Page 3 Unacceptable ...
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Macroeconoics assignment
THESIS STATEMENT : To accurately answer questions on Macroeconoics assignment
Question 1.
Correctly answered all the parts of the question.
Question 2.
Correctly answered all the parts of the question.
Correctly adhered to the APA writing format


Market Systems and Government Failure
Institutional Affiliation
Market System and Government Failure

Markets sometimes fail to realize their full potential. When this happens, it leaves people
in a worse situation compared to where they could be theoretically. The occurrence of market
failures is usually an excuse by the administration to intervene and do whatever the market has
failed to do. From an economic perspective, it is important to consider the relationship between
government and market. The market is perceived as a sphere of activity, and everything in it is
voluntary. For instance, trade, transfer of wealth, and income are voluntary. On the other hand,
everything concerned with the government is coercive. The government establishes limits on all
private behaviors. It uses taxes, fines, and imprisonment in extreme cases, among other
mechanisms to enforce a particular culture and regulate the market. Under threat or f, the
government may compel the private sector to accomplish what they could have not otherwise done.
The government plays a vital role in the market system, and its failure results in market failure as
well, which can be corrected with the right remedy.
Marketing System in Hong Kong
Hong Kong market system stands out as exceptionally resilient amid an economic crisis
that has hit the world. It is a special administrative region of the Republic of China. The sustained
and dominant drivers of the economy include business services, logistics, real estate, tourism, and
private consumption. A free-market economy characterizes Hong Kong. Its market highly depends
on international finance and trade (Schenk, 2018). The value of its product's business, together
with the re-export share, is four times the country’s GDP (Economic Freedom...

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