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COM 600 SNHU Drew Dudley Everyday Leadership & Leadership Quality Discussion

COM 600

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As we prepare to take the next step in our journey, let's set the stage for where we are going next. Are you the leader your company needs? What do you need to work on to say "yes" to that question? How can you get there?

Share your thoughts in a 1-page response paper.



Video: Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership (6:07)
Are you comfortable with calling yourself a leader? View this video and determine whether you agree with the speaker.

Article: This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break You
We have all seen the list of leadership qualities that are necessary for success. But of all the lists in all the articles, what is the most important one? In this learning resource, we learn that one leadership quality is important above all others, at least in the eyes of this author.

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COM 600 Media Project Three Guidelines and Rubric This assignment is designed for you to reflect upon the need for pursuit as a leader and communicator. You will also explore thoughts about your future and how where you have been has prepared you for future success. This assignment is to be submitted as a video essay of no more than 3 minutes. See the Module Four resources for guidance on how to create a video submission. You also have the option of submitting a voice recording or 1-page response paper in lieu of a video essay. See the optional resources in Module Five for guidance on how to create an audio submission. This submission, which is drawn from your own perspective and supplemented with knowledge attained in the course, should include the following:   Your goals for the future and how past experiences have shaped where you are going An evaluation of the importance of pursuit being at the heart of a successful leader and communicator Guidelines for Submission: The video essay should be no more than 3 minutes in length and submitted in one of the following video formats: .wmv, .mov, .mp4. Critical Elements Goals and Past Experiences Proficient (100%) Shares future goals and clearly connects how past experiences have shaped those goals Pursuit Provides a compelling argument as to whether or not pursuit is at the heart of a successful leader and communicator, using module resources to support ideas Argument is clearly structured and contains precise articulation and pronunciation Articulation of Response Needs Improvement (55%) Shares future goals and past experiences but does not make a clear connection between the two Provides an argument as to whether or not pursuit is at the heart of a successful leader and communicator but does not use module resources to support ideas Argument is somewhat structured with fairly clear articulation and pronunciation Not Evident (0%) Does not share future goals or past experiences Value 40 Does not provide an argument as to whether or not pursuit is at the heart of a successful leader and communicator 40 Argument is not structured, words are slurred or have dropped consonants, and pronunciation is non-standard 20 100% ...
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As we advance to the next stage in life, we must always try and figure out what we are
going to do next. A different level and stage in Life still requires a different intuition and
strategy. Being a leader might perhaps be one of the biggest things that an individual might be
struggling to conform with at different stages and levels in Life. Drew Dudley, in the TEDx
Toronto meeting in 2010, outlined some of the fears that people get regarding holding a
position of leadership, (Dudley, 2010). It’s not every day that you will ask people in a room if
they think they were fit to be leaders, and they all comply with the idea. This is because people
have put so much ...

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