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Students will be assigned a major disaster and prepare a written analysis (4-6 pages in length) including bibliography. Using library and internet sources, the analyses should assess the state of knowledge about the disaster and provide an analysis that includes: a) a brief (1-2 page) description of the disaster 7 and the emergency management effort; b) the nature and location of the disaster (i.e., natural or technological/manmade); c) the number of human casualties and amount of property loss. d) social and economic demographics and vulnerabilities of the area e) the government(s) having jurisdictional responsibility and involved in the disaster response and recovery effort; f) the involvement of nonprofit and for-profit actors in the response and recovery effort; g) the major planning and policy issues raised—e.g., lack of mitigation effort, inadequacy of preparedness, response failure, recovery problems; and h) the disaster planning the community had undertaken prior to the incident. This will follow a similar structure/style presented in the required course case study textbook.

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Station Night Club Fire
In 2003, the Station Night Club fire tragedy occurred in Rhode Island (National Fire
Protection Association, 2019). Despite the cause of fire initially being associated with different
occurrences, it was established that the fire was caused by a manager of a tour after mishandling
a pyrotechnic. The mishandling of the exothermic substance led to the ignition of nearby items
on a stage leading to an uncontainable fire. It has been adduced that the fire was fanned by the
presence of combustible objects located at the scene. The unmanageable fire made it difficult to
contain, leading to the death of over 100 civilians (National Fire Protection Association, 2019).
Among the casualties was the legendary guitarist Ty Longley. Other than claiming many lives,
the fire injured over 230 other individuals (National Fire Protection Association, 2019). The
tragedy was categorized as one of the deadliest recent fire incidences in the USA.
The fire incident was viewed as difficult to contain due to several related issues. First, the
structural composition of the club made it easier for the fire to spread rapidly. During the
investigation, the walls of the club were found to be made of two layers (National Fire Protection
Association, 2019). The layer contained urethane, which is a highly flammable element. This
layer made it easier for the fire to ignite since the exothermic substance used readily provided the
ignition. Secondly, underneath the urethane layer, the wall was made up of polyethylene, which,
despite being less flammable, the compound produces high levels of heat (National Fire
Protection Association, 2019), which leads to the severity of the incidence.
The number of human casualties not only resulted from the fire. Investigations indicated
that after the outbreak of the fire, individuals headed for the main door, which they had initially
used to enter the club. Despite the club having four exists, t...

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