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  • Research and describe the nature your MNC’s CSR report. If your selected MNC does not have a CSR report, then select one of any company that you know and are interested in. Include what type of reporting was used (for example, from basic, to full reporting, to advanced reporting—the various types of reporting can be found in the lecture notes and in the textbook). Also include the type of marketing that is being used to promote CSR.

I will provide MCN and lecture notes. Does not need to be double spaced or in any format. This is a dsicussion

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Apple’s CSR Report
Apple’s CSR report titled, Environmental Responsibility Report, details the steps that the
company has taken to uphold its culture of innovation and leadership in the tech market while
leaving the environment better off at every stage of its supply chain. The report notes the
company’s goals to use 100 percent renewable energy in its operations and to encourage its more
than 40 suppliers to follow suit. By 2020, the company aims to add 4 gigawatts of its clean
energy (Apple Inc., 2019). The report also features Apple’s materials re-use and ...

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