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UTA Effects of Technology on Customer Satisfaction Discussion

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write 3 separate papers each paper 1 page about :

Paper 1:

1- queuing

Paper 2:

2- How technology affected customer satisfaction

Paper 3:

3- psychology of queuing

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Running head: QUEUING


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Paper 1:
Queuing refers to a simplified mathematical model that is used to explain congestion.
Basically, this system is applied whenever customers demand services from a given facility

whereby the customers’ arrival, as well as the service periods, are presumed to be random. In this
case, when all those involved in serving the customers are busy, new customers who arrive are
requested to wait in the queue for the next unoccupied attendant (Medhi, 2002). A simple
queuing system is well-defined by the queue discipline, service mechanism, as well as the arrival
Based on a probabilistic viewpoint, the properties of lines are typically consequent from
the properties of stochastic procedures that are related with them. Nonetheless, in almost all
simplest queues, the determination of probabilities state is awfully difficult. Nevertheless, there
is the possibility of determining their large limit, which is referred to as steady-state distribution
or the equilibrium. In this case, distribution is never dependent on the original circumstances of
the system, and it is stationary (Vinoski, 2006). Restrictions on the parameters are given by the
ergodic conditions under which the system finally reaches equilibrium. In many instances,
queuing theory focuses on the totaling of the steady-state probabilities as well as their use in

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