Week 2 The Effect of HIV AIDS in Modern Society Research Paper

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For the second written assignment of the course, you will continue in the design of your proposed model program by demonstrating your understanding of your selected population’s challenges, which negatively impact this group’s health and well-being. Based on this week’s research, conduct an assessment of the barriers, limitations, and other distinguishing features, as they exist within your community.

  • Prepare a recap of the model program for your community that you originally shared in the week 2 written assignment. As stated in the Week Two directions, changes to the potential program can be made as you research and develop the focus of the program.
  • Analyze and discuss at least three critical barriers that impact the health and well-being of your chosen group; one must be a micro-level (individual) barrier that is financial, one must be a macro-level (community/state) barrier that relates to access and funding for care, and the third barrier may be one of your choosing.
  • Discuss at least one proposed solution for each barrier. Your solution for the micro barrier must include an analysis of various potential funding options (both independent and integrated). Your solution for the macro barrier must include an analysis of financing resources for health care.
  • Research and analyze the regulatory, legal, ethical, and accreditation requirements and issues for the service(s) offered in your proposed program. Discuss how each will impact the management of the program.

Your assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and should include a minimum of three scholarly sources cited according to APA guidelines . Please note: All assignments in this course are progressive; therefore you should use the same population selected in your Week Two assignment. The Week Two assignment’s contents do not need to be re-submitted with this assignment.

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Running head: HIV/AIDS



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The interest group guiding the development of this assignment is the people living with
HIV/AIDS. Multiple factors determine the effect of HIV/AIDS in modern society. Such factors
are inclusive of age and the income status of the individuals. Although the condition affects
members of the society at whatever age, its effects on the aging generation are worse compared
to the impact it causes to young people. Young people have more reliable immune systems and,
hence, take a relatively more extended period than the aged before reaching the full brown stage.
Regarding the income factor, the poor members of society are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS
than the rich. This effect accrues from the inability of the poor people to afford the living
standards required of the HIV/AIDS patients. For instance, they may fail to keep fit because of
the lack of a balanced diet.
Also, the social, political, and economic factors impact the status of people with
HIV/AIDS in a significant way. From a societal perspective, the members of society may
encourage patients or stigmatize them. Politics affect this population because the politicians are
the legislators that come up with policies. Some of such policies affe...

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