CSU Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Threats and Attacks Bibliography

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You are to compile an annotated bibliography, not write an essay. You need to find 5 sources that can work for a research paper, but instead of writing the research paper, just give me 5 annotated bibliography entries like the ones shown on the website I gave you the link for.

how to write a bibliography


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CSU Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Threats and Attacks Bibliography

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Surname 1
Annotated Bibliography
Hubbard, Douglas W., and Richard Seiersen. How to measure anything in cybersecurity risk.
John Wiley & Sons, 2016 2-23
The authors offer multiple techniques that can be applied in assessing the risk attached to
cybersecurity. They focus on the best decision that can be made in order to ensure a high level of
security of information systems. Majorly, they emphasize the risks that security systems are
exposed to and the well-informed decisions which can be made in order to mitigate such risks.
The book demonstrates ways in which cybersecurity experts can ensure the fastest recovery from
any attacks by the bad guys or hackers. It also analyzes the significance of innovative technology
in managing digital information security threats. The book emphasizes on making the correct
decisions in order to ensure high levels of technology utilization. Such decisions ensure that
cybersecurity professionals are well prepared for key threats and especially those arising from
cybercriminals. According to Hubbard and Richard, a major reason why cybersecurity
professionals should make effective and well-informed decisions is that the available resources
are limited (18). Therefore, they should ensure that the risk mitigation technique they opt to
apply utilizes the limited available resources in dealing with the ever-increasing cyber threats.

Surname 2
This book is relevant to my research as it focuses on cybersecurity, which is my area of
concern. Besides, the relevance of the book is due to that it is recent and hence offers up to date
information to cybersecurity and guides the reader in making well-informed decisions. Also, the
authors are experts in the field of information security risk management.

Abomhara, Mohamed. "Cyber security and the internet of things: vulnerabilities, threats,
intruders and attacks." Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility 4.1 (2015): 65-88.
The authors emphasize on...

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