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Unlike the Toulmin and Rogerian methods where one side is argued over another, the Middle Ground argument mediates between two sides of an issue hopefully arriving at a compromise solution between two positions.

Please include both answers in one initial post with extra space between them.

Middle Ground Discussion: For this discussion, choose an issue that you wrote about previously in this course (either your Toulmin or Rogerian essay). Let the class know your previous claim and briefly how you proved this claim in your essay. After this brief review discussion, discuss how you would have approached this particular topic if you were to write a Middle Ground argument, instead of a Toulmin or Rogerian argument. Would you have adjusted your claim? If so, what sort of adjustment would you need? Would you have to find additional sources about your topic in order to prove this new claim? Is a middle ground solution a more practical solution to your chosen issue?

In your responses to your classmates on the Middle Ground discussion, let your classmate know which argument appears to be stronger: the original claim or the new middle ground claim. Please make sure to explain why. If you disagree with both claims, that’s fine – let your classmate know why you disagree in a bias-free manner.

Concluding Remarks: Secondly, during this course, you have read quite a few arguments, critiqued some of these arguments, and written essays using various methods of argumentation. Take a moment to consider your future courses at APUS and/or your current/future career field. How can you incorporate what you have learned into your career or education?

In your responses to your classmates on their concluding remarks, feel free to compare your approach to your classmates. You may also help students find additional ways to use argumentation/persuasion in their chosen educational/career field.

Minimum 250 words answer.

Classmate #1:

Good evening class,

Middle Ground Discussion: For my Rogerian essay, I wrote about mandatory sexual education curriculum for the youth. My claim: “Sexual Education courses should be implemented in Middle and High School curriculum to educate the youth on necessary precautions and consequences that need to be considered before becoming sexually active.” I proved my claim throughout the essay by focusing on the common ground of wanting the youth to be safe and healthy. I also gave facts on how successful the classes are on positively influencing adolescent’s decision making and health.

For a middle ground, I would keep my claim and style the same except I would emphasize how the youth can have the option to “opt out.” I would need to find additional sources to see if there are supplemental classes that the youth can participate in, instead of the sexual education course, and how effective it is. Eventually, I would like the supplemental course and the original course to intersect somewhere in the curriculum to keep all of adolescents on the same page. In my opinion, I don’t believe the middle ground solution is more practical. I think it leaves room for unclear guidance and results in the knowledge among the youth varying too much. Ultimately, I believe it would do more harm than good to the overall goal of the sexual education program.

Concluding Remarks: I remember being extremely nervous to take this course because it had been over 2 years since I completed Engl101. Now, I am relieved I’ve made it this far! I wasn’t familiar with the Toulmin or Rogerian method before taking this course. Personally, the Toulmin method is my favorite because it has a strong standing if you follow the structure correctly. This method is beneficial to my current career as law enforcement because it gives a strong argument by acknowledging the weaknesses of it. However, the Rogerian would also be helpful in my career when I’m trying to win “the hearts and minds” of my audience with certain topics. I’m not sure when I’ll take another writing course but I’m glad I have a lot to take away from this course.

It has been a pleasure working alongside all of you! If you have any suggestions on what courses would be best to follow up after completing this one, I am all ears!

Classmate #2:

My Rogerian essay topic was on early childhood vaccinations with the goal of proving that vaccinations should be mandatory being that the benefits outweigh the few side effects. I researched data and facts to demonstrate the safety of the vaccines and the need for keeping children safe against deadly diseases the vaccines were created to prevent. Continued research showed one of the biggest reasons parents refused to have their children vaccinated was the belief that vaccinations could be the cause of autism or other unexplained, but increasingly common medical conditions; although no other sources or published studies could be found that proved these dangers were linked. Additionally, known toxins originally found in early vaccination have since been removed to help ensure the vaccines safety. To write this topic as a middle ground essay versus advocating that vaccines should be mandatory, the argument would be reconstructed to state that the importance of childhood vaccinations is keeping the children safe from severe and deadly diseases. The revised claim would state that keeping children safe from diseases should be mandatory; whether through vaccination, natural immunization or other alternative options. More sources would need to be researched to support the new claim. My original claim of vaccines needing to be mandatory was more practical as the other options do not work as well and could pose a higher risk for severe side effects. With this class I have learned a lot over the last eight weeks and feel that I have gained new skills in writing. This new knowledge will be used as I continue working on my degree, as I will have many more papers to write in the future.

Minimum 150 words answer to each.

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Good evening class,
For my Toulmin class, I wrote about the Veil of Ignorance by Leila Ahmed. The
claim in the article was that the veil is gradually changing its previous meaning among
Islamic women. She uses the Toulmin model to prove her assertion by giving evidence of the
gradual change of the dress code. Leila used facts and dates to show the progressive change
in the use of the veil. For instance, by use of photographs dated 1895, 1940, 1957, and 2011,
she shows how the Islamic dressing has changed over the years. Additionally, in the picture
dated 2011, the veil is seen again. This, she argued, is due to the new view of the veil as a
form of identity as a Muslim wom...

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