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Clinical Topic: Psychological Impact on Adolescent Pregnancy

Please create a 15-20 slide Powerpoint presentation that includes scholarly, theoretical, and research information which may be used for a professional audience that examines one of your clinical interests from a psychodynamic viewpoint. Slides should incorporate a minimum of 12 quotes from psychodynamic theorists and/or researchers and a minimum of 5 empirical references from scholarly sources. Please include a bibliography on one slide.

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Psychological Impact on Adolescent Pregnancy


• According to the U.S Department of Health & Human
Services, adolescent mothers were responsible for close
to 250,000 babies in 2014 only (Rabeea’h et al., 2017).
• The study further indicated that 78% out of the above
number were unplanned.
• Pregnancy at tender age changes the course of life of
mothers involved.
• The fact that these young mothers must care for
themselves and the baby to come causes emotional toll
on them than what is suspected.

Adolescent Pregnancy
• Adolescent pregnancy can be defined as pregnancy
in females falling in the age bracket of 12 years to 16
• Some females experience puberty until as late as 17
years to 19 years (Thyer, 2017).
• Adolescent pregnancy also fits into teenage
pregnancy descriptions.

Obvious Sources of Emotional Toll on Adolescents

• Adolescent mothers are young and lack experience of
motherhood. The following are some of the causes of the
psychological worries that these girls are forced to
contend with;
✓ Sleepless nights
✓ Honoring doctor appointments
✓ Juggling between motherhood and finishing high school

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