Causes of Acute Kidney Failure Research Paper

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Paper about Acute kidney failure, what it is, what causes it, what are risk factors, who is at risk, how to manage it

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Acute Kidney Damage
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Acute Kidney Damage
Acute kidney failure is also known as acute renal failure. It occurs when the kidneys of an
individual suddenly stop functioning for a short duration of time normally two days and less. All
of a sudden, the kidneys lose their ability to filter waste products from the blood resulting in the
accumulation of dangerous levels of wastes. It can make the chemical composition of the blood
to get out of balance (Schrier, R. W.et al, 2004). Kidneys are normally unable to eliminate excess
fluids, salts as well as waste products from the blood, which is the main function of the kidneys.
The fluids in the body can also rise to dangerous levels causing waste products and electrolytes
to accumulate, which is threatening to an individual’s life.
Acute kidney failure is a life-threatening condition which requires intensive treatment.
The state is reversible if it is detected on time and treated quickly. If one is healthy before the
sudden failure of the kidneys and immediately treated for AKI, the kidneys may normally work
after the condition has been treated. However, some individuals experience a lasting injury to the
kidneys after acute kidney failure, which is called chronic kidney disease. It can, in turn, result in
kidney disease of appropriate steps are not taken to prevent the kidney damage from worsening
(Bellomo, R. et al., 2012).
Causes of Acute Kidney Failure
The causes of Acute Renal Failure are classified into pre-renal causes, intrinsic causes and postrenal causes.



Pre-renal causes:
This is the most common form of Acute Renal Failure occurring in the setting of hypo perfusion
of the kidneys. Most of the pre-renal causes are reversible the moment perfusion of the kidneys
is restored. The parenchymal tissues are not damaged in this case. However, the prolonged
hypoperfusion of the kidneys can lead to Acute Tubular Necrosis, also known as ischemic injury.
Hypovolemia is the main culprit in the prerenal causes of acute renal failure. The fluid can be
lost from the body due to increased extracellular fluid loss and, fluid loss from the
gastrointestinal tract through diarrhoea, vomiting and entero-cutaneous fistula. Also, renal fluid
loss contributes because of th...

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