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I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

For the purposes of our class the response paper is 5 pages. There are four key areas you should cover in those 5 pages(homework is 3 pages) Below is geared to the 5 page paper. For homework, it is 20% shorter.

• Find and describe the elements of the thought experiment. What is it trying to do? What is the point? Interpret any key terms and show why they are necessary to your interpretation of what is happening.

• Set out the relevant practical and theoretical philosophical principles at stake and apply them to the problem.

• Solve the problem set out in the thought experiment.

• Reflect on the significance of your solution. What 3 abstract general points about the world have now been elucidated? * most important point. At least a page.

MLA style

Name of the book: Boylan, Michael. The Good, The True And The Beautiful.

Thought experiment 3.

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Replying to Thought Experiment
Boylan & Michael explores various issues regarding aesthetics, knowledge, and ethics in the
book "The good the true and the beautiful." Most importantly, they exhaustively illustrate how
those attributes affect our daily lives (Boylan & Michael, 2008, pg. 44). In the book, the duo
creatively demonstrates a unique understanding of the world through thought experiments, which
in turn seeks to provide solutions to the questions that have for years nagged philosophers.
Boylan & Michael, in thought experiment 3.1, therefore, significantly demonstrates how human
life is like preliterate human hunting in the jungle (Boylan & Michael, 2008, pg. 46). Basically,
'Thought experiment 3.1, is a metaphor that substantially implies working hard against all the
odds to accomplish a particular goal. More specifically, as brought up by Boylan & Michael, pg.
49 (2008), thought experiment 3.1 refers to the personal achievement whereby an individual has
to strive so hard to beat all odds to survive in a very stiff competition for survival. Thus, to say,
in this hunting type of metaphor perspective, good can only be obtained, or rather success can
only be achieved through victory in various competitive contests.
Thought experiment 3.1. Demonstrates various substantial elements in the fight for life
existence and highlights what life is all about. As illustrated by Boylan & Michael, people who

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have the hunting-in-nature type of metaphor always perceive life to be a continual struggle for
survival. Some great thinkers would equally argue; they believe in the 'survival for the fittest'
philosophy. This thought experiment, therefore, holds that for a person to continue surviving in a
particular society or rather environment, he or she must be ready to fight to fit in there, failu...

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