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Pick an existing company and write an essay for them. 2500 words. Academic paper, answer it with a professional way please.Consider a firm with which you are familiar. Write a short paper on it. Think about your firm historically and comparatively. What’s special about the firm? What do you think about its governance and future development in the next 10 or 20 years? Any critical thought about its business? The essay should be 2500-3000 words.

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The assignment is done in the following sections as per the discussion questions



Amazon's Historical Overview


What Is Special About Amazon


Amazon's Governance and Future Development in the Next 10 – 20 Years


Critical Thoughts about Amazon's Business


Evaluation of, Inc.
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Evaluation of, Inc.
Organizational success is dependent on numerous factors, with the most critical being
the strategies employed in dealing with stakeholders and conducting business operations.
Principally, a firm's strategy impacts the business approaches and competitive forces that
foster growth and help in achieving the required levels of performance. Strategic
management, therefore, involves the formulation, review, evaluation, monitoring, and
implementation of organizational objectives. Successful companies in the contemporary
world today engage in sets of discrete actions that are meant to support system goals and
create a self-sustaining model of operations. The management of a firm impacts the strategies
adopted. As such, the approach is dependent on the building blocks used in maneuvering the
market. With industrialization and the advent of technology, the world has been transformed
into a global marketplace – especially with personal computers, the internet and other
communication networks. This scenario puts firms at the forefront in terms of management
and adaptability to new inventions, to achieve organizational goals. Necessarily, economic
development and progress in this era depend on how firms adapt to the consequences and
impacts of globalization. One such firm that has successfully tapped into the market and
embraced technological changes and the blurring national boundaries over time is, Inc.
Amazon's Historical Overview
Amazon is an American company headquartered in Seattle, founded by Jeff Bezos in
1994. Before founding Amazon, Bezos worked for an investment management firm, D.E.
Shaw & Co, but later on quit to take advantage of the rapid changes in technology –
specifically, the internet. The growing popularity of the web provided an opportunity for

innovators like Jeff to make business profits. At first, Amazon was launched as an online
bookstore "Cadabra", which was not entirely deemed successful at first because its growth
was slow and the firm failed to get significant profit until about seven years after it had been
founded (Stone, 2013). The name was later changed to Amazon for the alphabetical
advantage presented when the firm is listed in the directories, and as a metaphor to represent
the Amazon river's size. Over time, the firm's strategies gave it a competitive advantage over
others in the market. Amazon allowed its customers to post book reviews on the company's
website and gave them about 30% discount. In this, they also worked continually to improve
the technological features on their website to improve customer navigation and make it easy
for them to place their book orders. These technologies fostered the formation of the "IClick" feature. However, throughout the tough beginning periods, the firm steadily branched
out. It started selling other products on their platform, including consumer electronics,
software, CDs and DVDs, office products and video games, among others. In 2005, the firm
introduced a membership program to help promote customer loyalty, giving free shipping
services on two specified days in the week. This program later ...

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