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Q1. Explain the duties of the contractor in the JCT Measured Term Contract.

Q2. Explain four (4) real examples of coercion which have caused court cases in the past.

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Legal Studies


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Legal Studies


Contractor Duties and Responsibilities
The joint contracts tribunal measured term contract got designed for utilization by
employers who have regular improvements, minor works, and maintenance projects that they
prefer to get tasked to one contractor over a specified period. Measured term contracts get
preferred for projects that get procured through conventional or traditional methods. These
preferred projects incorporate a measurement payment structure. Broadly contractors can get
defined as the company that gets appointed to handle specific construction projects or work (A
Civil Engineer 2019). However, contractors in their direct employment tend not to comprise all
characteristics need to construct a building. A building contractor is a person that gets engaged in
activities development, planning, and coordination in line with structures’ construction.
Since building contractors do not comprise all trades required for building structures,
they mostly outsource several sub-contractors to make the projects they get appointed. A
building contractor is an individual overseeing construction and also ensures that the required
measures get implemented to achieve the set project goals and objectives. General
responsibilities of a contractor in a measured term contract entail the person planning and also
overseeing all activities related to the construction of a structure, including building and dwelling
(LetsBuild 2020). Contractors carry out their duties and responsibilities by planning projects and
supervising employees to complete the projects while complying with regulations and laws.
Most construction projects may have underlying regulations, rules, standards, and laws
they get required to get in compliance with, and they correlate with the project. There are several
duties that construction contractors must carry out to ensure that the projects they get appointed
to are in compliance with regulatory requirements and get completed on budget and time. The
most important responsibility of a building contractor is developing and implementing a plan for

Legal Studies


the construction project (A Civil Engineer 2019). This initial step can include forming a detailed
timeline that guides the project and also hiring required workers.
In addition to developing the project plan, building contractors are responsible for
supervising and hiring employees involved in the project while firing them at times. Further
building contractors get required to control and manage the payroll regarding the employees. The
contractor must get engaged in payroll functions or employ an expert to handle them.
Additionally, a contractor gets tasked with researching and familiarizing themself with relevant
rules and regulations related to the construction processes and procedures (LetsBuild 2020).
Some several rules and regulations exist regarding how, where, and when a contractor and his
team should handle constructions in specific regions and areas.
It is the responsibility of a building contractor to recognize applicable laws and ensure
they get adhered to throughout the project. All construction projects and contracts, including
measured term contracts, must get completed in a law-abiding manner. Another item that gets
related to the duties of a building constructor is budgeting issues. Contractors are responsible for
establishing and maintaining a construction project budget. Additionally, a contractor must
ensure that the project follows a set budget as closely as possible (A Civil Engineer 2019).
Following a budget allows a contractor to finish a project, hire employees, and acquire supplies
in a cost-efficient method.
Finally, a contractor is an individual who handles all emergencies and incidents that
relate to a construction project. These incidents and emergencies can occur at the construction
and even offsite. A building contractor is a person to whom most parties within the project report
in case they need assistance with emergency issues. Building contractors are, therefore,
individuals with multi-faceted and demanding responsibilities and duties (LetsBuild 2020). For

Legal Studies


an individual to become a successful contractor, helpful, and vital characteristics to possess can
include decisiveness, attentiveness, and also acquired experience.
Coercion Examples
Coercion, in a legal sense, is a very complicated matter. Coercion refers to forcing an
individual to do something or act in a way they do not usually do through making threats against
their well-being or safety. These threats can also get made against an individual’s property and
even relatives. The person who makes these threats usually aims at gaining compliance from the
victim through inflicting fear and intimidation. Threats used can be physical, meaning that injury
and pain get implied or, in some instances, have already gotten applied (Legal Information
Institute 2020). For example, using a gun or a knife to threaten someone is a physical threat.
Further, threats can include those of psychological nature that get intended to inflict
emotional distress. Forms of intimidation can include rejecting an individual from a group,
creating an obligation feeling, and also threatening to disclose a secret. Coercion in contract law
means that actual harm or threat got utilized to compel an individual to accept a contract
(Ripstein 2017, p. 119). Any contract is not legally enforceable if coercion got involved in the
agreement’s formation. Parties involved in a contract must, therefore, willingly agree to the
entire contract and the individual terms also. There several court case in the past that involved
coercion in contract law.
The first example of where coercion led to a court case is William Burkhalter against
Steven Burkhalter's case. This case got ruled that duress or undue influence can get proved by
the evidence's preponderance. These brothers went to the Lowa district court over their late
father's will. Few days before their father passed, he changed his will giving the defendant half

Legal Studies


of his trust. The other son went to court, claiming this change was through coercion (Tolmie
2018, p. 62). Through a jury verdict, it got agreed that enough evidence proved that this change
in the will was through some intimidation.
In another court case involving Dixon against the United States, in which the defendant
raised coercion claims. Dixon Keshia, in early January of the year 2003, bought seven firearms

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