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MIS 4322 WSSU Waves of E Commerce on Glocom Industry Research Paper

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The waves of eCommerce that has affected the industry over these 25 years.

Our industry is selling the huckaback online( eCommerce). I will put our paper document down below to show what its about and what my group has, this is the second part of it. So all I basically need is the waves of eCommerce that has affected the industry over these 25 years. I want you to basically produce as a research paper.

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Huckabuck Gabriel Booker, Keya Leak and Daneya Rouson MIS 4322 February 15, 2020 Dr. Creston Dalmadge 1|Page GloCom is a company that aims to create cohesive values by maximizing profits and shareholder values; but also take on a stronger responsibility as a global company to create social values. As Technology surrounds us from the mobile phones that most of us carry, to the televisions that we watch, to the ways that we find information about a restaurant or vacation destination, it can be a big help majority of the time. Older adults are no exception; they are increasingly incorporating diverse types of technologies into their lives. According to the latest Pew statistics, 67 percent of individuals aged 65 and older in the United States use the Internet, while 43 percent own smartphones (Anderson and Perrin, 2017). Although these figures have increased substantially over the past decade, they are still lower than the estimated 90 percent of the U.S. adult population aged 18 and older that uses the Internet and 77 percent who use smartphones. Identifying ways to help older adults successfully use and maintain use of technologies over time is critical if they are to be able to reap the benefits of technology in our digitally based society. Passwords, changing interfaces, safety and privacy concerns, plus declines in health status, are key factors that impede older adults’ continued use of technologies (Cotten et al. 2016; Tsai et al. 2016; Berkowsky et al. 2016). Designing and evaluating tailored interventions to determine whether specific types of resources and training programs can help older adults to stay safe online and successfully maintain use over time is one way to advance work in this area. Mr. G. Booker, Mrs. K. Leak and Ms. D. Rouson founded the company. GloCom is a multi-global conglomerate designed to enhance cellular usage among the more seasoned generation. 2|Page Market Size The cellphone requirement in the globe lies at $224.69 billion. It is projected to rise to $284 billion in 2026. Therefore, there is a high market for the cellphones due to change in customers’ preferences. The line of operation that GloCom has chosen a unique range that has not been utilized by most of the phone companies. More than 19% of the population in America are aged 55 years and above. The primary and the first market that GloCom need to utilize is the United States. There are market factors that must be prioritized before commencing production. A market gap does not necessarily replicate that the target customers will respond to the new product. The choice and preference of the buyers play a significant role in determining the market size of a given product. This is majorly attributed by the technological changes of which some of the aged, 55 years and above have successfully embraced. Thus, they prefer new inventions and products within the mobile industry. Target Market While conducting the necessary research, it was discovered that the target market for GloCom’s new Huckabuck phone, would be adults between the ages of 35 and 70, within the global data coverage range, and that seek a mobile phone catered to aid senior citizens. This market can be considered a constant market because the natural occurrence of aging is an inevitable factor of life. Usually, there is a disconnect between senior citizens and technology because they feel that the devices are too hard to use and sometimes unnecessary. We plan to market to both the senior citizens and their children, or caregivers. We feel that the children of the senior citizens fit within the target market because they are more likely to promote the 3|Page product in order to make sure that they are able to communicate with their loved ones. It is also likely that they will buy the product as a gift for their family members. Although these two groups are best reached by using different marketing techniques, they are both potential consumers of the product. When marketing to both target groups, the team wanted to find one outlet that could reach both groups. For traditional marketing, we will choose to go with television commercials. Playing the commercial during each age group's prime time of watching television, will give the company a better chance of reaching both groups. Both the parent and child seeing it gives the company the upper hand in gaining both parties' interests. The prime time for retired seniors to watch television is 9AM to 5PM and the prime time for their children would be 7PM to 11PM. Other marketing techniques, like mobile ads and billboards, can be implemented to extend the reach of the products promotion. Competitive Market The competitors include Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and LG. There is an aim to address the challenges of competition from competitors who have strong industry positions and resources too. It can be accounted for the specific brands which have been accepted widely in the long run. The company has to compete vigorously to bring the company’s goals to fruition. The company equally depends on the internal factors that relate to the market demand and supply chains as the source of revenues. There are also low-cost threats from companies in China that produce lowcost phones, which are not quality phones. It influences most of the people in buying China phones, as they perceive them to be relatively cheap. The dominant players in the phone industry have embraced technology, inventions, and innovations always to improve the customer experience. As a result, only firms that are at the same pace with technology and changes in the market can survive the stiff competition. For 4|Page instance, Samsung and Apple have been the leading brands globally due to consistency in improving the quality of their products. However, most of the devices are designed to meet the preference of the middle age and youths since globally; they provide the most significant market. Primary Competitors The Company is targeting a market gap that most of the mobile phone dealers have failed to utilize. The telecommunication industry is dynamic with new inventions almost daily; however, most have always targeted the youths, thus designing complicated phones. GloCom features such as; simple menu, big buttons, powerful speakers, and high capacity flashlight will try to address the needs of the old generation. They need simple phones, but different from every other phone out there. The major competitor in phones is Alcatel Company that has been producing jitterbug with a pure specification designed for the aged. GloCom has an opportunity to learn and improve on the qualities and operations of the former to offer the most convenient services. So a few years ago, an age appropriate user-friendly cell phone was created for the elderly called the “jitterbug phone”. It came with larger buttons; fewer screen options and a padded, amplified earpiece that did not interfere with hearing aids. Today, GloCom is in the process of updating and redesigning a new cell phone for the senior citizen community called the Huckabuck phone. The Huckabuck phone will continue to have easy to use functionalities, but the update will be designed with more enhanced features. Having weak eyesight becomes a hindrance for seniors as most phones have small keys. On the contrary, our new phone is designed to have a large 5.5 visual screen with full functionalities with very few buttons to make it easier to view and use. Moreover, it will have the capability to easily adjust the text to a larger font and use fingers to zoom in on websites and photos. 5|Page Phone Features One of the best things about smart phones for seniors involves the ease at which it allows them to get help in the event of an emergency. Having a cell phone nearby at all times is always a good idea, as it really is impossible to predict when a medical emergency may arise. As the average elderly person has a life alert button, this phone has Emergency Contact Information “5Star” that average smart phones doesn’t have. In the unfortunate event that an elderly family member passes out in public, for example, emergency responders can find out information like blood type, next of kin, current medications that they're taking and more - all without even knowing the phone's passcode. The Huckabuck phone comes with a fingerprint reader, which allows for easy access. Another important feature to the Huckabuck phone is the auto blue button. This feature works like a Bluetooth when one gets into a vehicle, they will simply push one button to automatically connect to GPS, answer incoming calls phone calls and connect to the garage opener. For the elderly community who are ready to use the time they have to travel, a smartphone can be a great asset. They can hit the road and travel without any hassle of getting directions from aps like Google Maps. Having a phone for the visual and hearing impaired can be difficult for arthritic fingers at times when trying to text or make a phone call. Many elderly have large and sometimes callused hands that can make it difficult to use a touch screen. This is where talk-to text and voice commands are featured. They can dictate full text message response and have the phone read them texts aloud or text the message on the screen and all they would do is listen. The last updated feature for the Huckabuck phone is an app called the “instant medical alarm button” which is set to provide medication alerts, reminders and set exact times when 6|Page medication are to be taken or when it’s time to refill. This app also allows the user to communicate with his or her doctor to schedule appointments or ask questions about prescriptions. Moreover, it also has an emergency mode, which allows seniors to store medical and personal information that can be accessed by all. Supply Chain As we deliver innovative products and services along the value chain that is based on the core values we pursue at Samsung, we generate values in the fields of economy, society, and environment. We monitor the financial and non-financial impacts that we exert on society throughout such process so that we maximize our positive impacts while minimizing any negative ones. The evolution in supply chain management process majorly depends on the factor of enabling multiple stores rather than relying on one single depot. This will help you to speed up the delivery process, ultimately helping you to win the cut-throat competition. Technology is the critical solution in enabling this process. 7|Page The way now all components in a supply chain are working in unison and helping to deliver a positive experience to the customers at the receiving end, could not be possible without the technology boon. The entire coordination starting from the manufacturers to the vendors to the service providers has become fully transformed through connected technologies. eCommerce platforms have come as the great pool of resources aggregating all these components and their respective advantages. Some of the key benefits that eCommerce technologies contributed towards customer satisfaction from a supply chain management system include the following. o Flexible order cut-off time o Fast-paced order fulfilment o Quick processing of order o Reducing overhead cost and expediting fees through fast order processing o Decreased inventory cost o More efficient warehousing through storage and space utilization o Enhanced warehousing capacity The primary method in optimizing and developing a modern supply system is to map out the current traditional supply network. In order to do this, you need to understand the number of facilities you want to deliver, the constraints involved in delivery costs and more. 8|Page Meeting Demands for Same-Day Delivery As customers are impatient more than ever before thanks to instant access to contents and services right from their handheld device screen, meeting the demands for same-day delivery is key to the success of many eCommerce logistics. To ensure same-day delivery without any delay and error, the eCommerce supply chains can utilize latest technologies such as effective route planning based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Maintaining Cost-Competitiveness For logistics companies it is extremely important to stay competitive on cost parameter. Costcompetitiveness is crucial to make an eCommerce to remain popular and grow continuously. This requires knowing the areas into your supply chain system that can be optimized. More automated a process you can create, further a cost advantage you can garner. Integrated Supply Chain & Live-Delivery with End-to-End Visibility Instead of opting for third-party vendors, fulfilling demands through integrated supply chain management system has a lot of advantages. Think of the leading eCommerce brands with a global footprint and you can realize their own dedicated supply chain team plays a big role in not only garnering better revenue and keeping the bottom line low but also in maintaining a 9|Page higher brand image. When having your own in-house supply chain management process, you can enjoy the leverage the hi-tech benefits of live delivery and end-to-end visibility of your products. The live location tracking through GPS and live communication with the customers through intelligent Chatbots are two great new features that eCommerce supply chains can utilize to their benefits. 10 | P a g e References 1. Anderson, M., & Perrin, A. (2017). Tech adoption climbs among older adults. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from 2. Cotten, S. R., Yost, E., Berkowsky, R. W., Winstead, V., & Anderson, W. (2016). Designing technology training for older adults in continuing care retirement communities. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. 3. How Latest Technologies Help eCommerce Supply Chain To Deal with Challenges? (2019, December 16). Retrieved from 4. Shelia R Cotten, Examining the Roles of Technology in Aging and Quality of Life, The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Volume 72, Issue 5, September 2017, Pages 823–826, 11 | P a g e ...
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The waves of eCommerce that have affected the industry over the last 25 years
ECommerce has unfolded as a vital strategy, impacting all kinds of industries like
GloCom, suppliers, and logistics companies. Many customers now prefer the convenience of
online shopping over the traditional way of purchasing. With eCommerce, it is just a click of a
button, offering your payments; your address then waits for your items at the doorstep (Shen
2019). However, eCommerce did not start the other day, precisely in the phone industry; it has
undergone some waves
The ini...

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