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THEO 2291 Benedictine University Roman Poet Vergil Presentation

THEO 2291

Benedictine University


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I need an explanation for this Poetry question to help me study.

-Please create a 5 minute presentation regarding the Roman Poet Vergil/Virgil. (About 30 slides)


-His importance, some stories about him, what he has done, why we talk about him today, and his overall history about him

-Also include lots of pictures like the places he went, pictures of him, pictures of that era in the presentation

-Include credible sources and please cite them

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Final Answer

Kindly have a look

Roman Poet Vergil
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Background Information
• Publius Vergilius Maro (70-19 BCE), is commonly known to the modern
readers as Virgil.

• He was one of the most famous and greatest poets of early Roman Empire.
• He is known mostly for his work Aeneid.

• His followers though of him highly and placed him in high regard.
• In the 14th century CE an Italian author Dante settled upon Virgil to guide
him through out the nine levels of hells during the inferno.

• Virgil is sometimes spelt as Vergil.

Portraits of Vergil

His Early Life
• Virgil was born on October 15, 70 BCE in Andes.
• Andes is a small village located near Mantua north of Po River.
• According to a 5th –century CE author Macrobuis Virgil was born by his
parents among the woods and shrubs.

• He had a countryman appearance , that is, tall and bulky with a dark

• The parents were fluent enough to provide him with a solid education.
• He gained his education in both Cremona and Milan , the place where he
also gained his toga virlis (Wasson, 2017).

• Toga virlis is a symbol of citizenship and manhood.
• Because of his education he was highly appreciated by both the Roman
authors and Greek.

• He also studied in Rome in the s...

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