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Minor project 1 and minor project 2 are to prepare you for the final major project. Throughout the three projects, you are expected to use the same company of your choice – this company could be your own business, a friend’s business, a client’s business, the business/organization for which you work, or a public firm. In your write-up, you can use bullet points where it feels appropriate.

Please keep it in mind that the more effort you put in the minor projects, the easier it will be for your final project.

Format: For Minor Project 1, you're expected to complete the following sections of the SAM:

Gen Info, Mission, Vision, Environment, Industry, Strat Grp Map, Porter, Competition, Market

This paper should be 5 pages single spaced with a minimum of 8 unique references

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Final Answer

I have choosen Apple Inc.. I have attached two turnitin report.. one is missing the mission and vision statement (which could not be avoided in the paper.) in case of anything kindly let me know.. cheers buddy.., thanks


Project One-Apple Inc.
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Project One-Apple Inc Outline

General Info
This section offers the background of Apple inc. from its founder. The section explores
the company primary product and industry, and other general information about the company.
Vision Statement
Vision statements of organizations often play a critical role in enunciating the goals and
objectives that firms seek to pursue. Apple Inc. has a detailed vision statement, which affects its
strategic management. This section quotes the vision statement and offer a brief analysis of the
Mission Statement
Like its vision statement, Apple Inc.'s mission has changed from time to time, which
probably depicts the corporation’s consideration of varying business concepts that affect its
business activities. This section stipulate and offers a bried explanation of its mission statement.
The internal and external environment creates both opportunities and threats for Apple;
hence understanding it is crucial to its survival. The company high performance and its
competitive edge could be linked to its effectiveness in address the external environment, as such
this section stipulate the external environment of the company.
Apple operates in a highly competitive industry that has been at the forefront of
innovations particularly due to significant technological advancements. This section explore the
company industry and stipulates Apples position.
Strategic Group Map
Strategic mapping is a technique that companies use to look at how rivals in similar
businesses. The utilization of this technique enables firms to run successful businesses as it
familiarizes them with where the competitors stand. Apple has for years successfully created a
differentiated lifestyle and pricing.
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Porter's five forces is a framework that helps evaluate an organization's competitive
environment. It helps explain why various industries sustain different levels of profitability by
drawing from industrial organization economics. This section outlines the Porter Five Forces
analysis of Apple would, therefore, paints a better picture of the company's positions and
strength within the technology industry.
Apple has, for many years, been at the competitive edge, an instance that has sustained its
high profitability for an extended period. The capability of the firm to reach the position it has
been due to several reasons outlined in this section.
Apple offers its products in distinct markets across the globe. It attains this via operating
stores in various locations. This section briefly examines the company markets across the globe.


Project One-Apple Inc.
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Project One-Apple Inc.
General Info
Apple is an American based public owned company that is headquartered in Cupertino,
California. The company was co-founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald
Wayne. It is renowned for its high quality and unique products, which are often offered at a
premium price. Apple is one of the prominent multinational technology companies and is famous
among phone manufacturers and related services providers. Through the provision of an array of
products and services, Apple allows its consumers to access various products and utilities that
can be used alongside Apple products, including iPhone (Miller & Maxwell, 2016). The
company's service offering includes its App Store, Apple Pay, iTunes, cloud services, and many
others. According Badenhausen (2019), to the service segment is Apple’s second revenue
generator after the iPhone.
Since its commencement in 1976, the firm has been known for massive investment in
innovation, which made it to introduce merchandises and services with unique features, and
today it is one of the most influential brands in the globe. Apple is well endowed with resources
and extensive global footprint instances that enable it to avail new products in the market
continually. Additionally...

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