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Part 1: Fulla

Here is what Fulla's brand manager from Newboy has said, " This isn’t just about putting the hijab on a Barbie doll. . Our advertising is full of positive messages about Fulla’s character."

Read this short case. Then please watch these commercials about Fulla.

Discuss: (a) Why wouldn't just putting a hijab on Barbie work as a successful marketing campaign for Fulla? (b) What are those positive messages that Fulla communicates? Use the case and the videos you saw to develop your answer.

Part 2. Non-alcoholic Beer

look at marketing non-alcoholic beer to consumers in non-Muslim majority countries. To prep for this case discussion, please download and read this case.

This is the target market you should develop your advertising and social media campaign for.

Group 4: France. By 2030, there will be 6.8 million Muslims living in France

Once again, here is the prompt for this discussion: Develop some ideas for an advertising (print, TV) and social media campaign for a non-alcoholic beer, called “Fresh.”

One of the world's biggest advertising agencies, JWT, did a market research study on Muslim consumers. They found four different market segments. One of those segments, they termed Pragmatic Strivers.

Pragmatic Strivers were described as "non-traditional and ambitious. They are open-minded. They consider themselves religious, but not in a rigid way. They are willing to compromise on religious values in order to get ahead in life. They are also not very affluent. Certainly not rich, but they are also not extremely poor. 'If I had to choose between studying accounting or management versus studying sports, I would choose sports as I am interested in opening my own sports club.' They are primarily located outside large towns and seek ways to earn something extra and to save for the future."

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Part 1
Fulla is the name that refers to a doll that is marketed to different age groups in most countries but,
more specifically, the children. Fulla was created by NewBoy, a Syrian manufacturer, and it was
an alternative to Barbie (Frederiks, 2017). The product came to the market in the year 2003 and is
sold now in many other countries, including the united states and other South American countries
such as brazil. Fulla has surpassed all other dolls that were created in the same design due to
launching a marketing campaign that runs alongside in a popular television channel, thus reaching
a larger population and therefore making it popular than other dolls (Caraciola, 2019).
Putting a hijab on fulla has worked as a successful marketing campaign for the doll, and this has
made the doll to surpass all other produc...

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