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Consider a company that has a facility located in your local area. This could be a big-box store like Walmart, an automobile manufacturer like Kia, a financial services group like Citibank, or any other company of interest.

Why do you suppose the company chose that location? Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of that location, and be sure to describe how the location affects other facets of the company, its trading partners (i.e., the supply chain), and the local/regional area.

In response to your peers, be sure to offer suggestions for additional strengths and weaknesses of the chosen location.

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Response to calvin h Hello Everyone, For my discussion I will focus on the location of my local Walmart in my city Fayetteville, NC. The location of a business is a critical decision to make when starting, moving or growing an organization. Location strategies have direct correlation with cost; transportation, public sentiment/demographics, zoning laws, and proximity to major highways, airports, railways and waterways play a big part when choosing a location (Heizer,2020, Pg. 341). For a retail store like Walmart the major driving force behind there location selection is maximizing revenue, the eight major factors for service firms are: Purchasing power of the consumer, Service and image compatibility, competition, quality of competition, uniqueness of the firm, operating policies of the firm and quality of management (Heizer, 2020, Pg. 350). Walmart’s location strategy specifically focuses on the easy movement of materials, human resources, and business information (Smithson, 2017). The Walmart near where I live has a lot of positive aspects going for it, first off, the Walmart is located about 4 miles away from I-95 giving them a major highway to transport goods, there is a local airport in Fayetteville and Walmart has a big warehouse located on the outskirts. Looking at the human terrain of Fayetteville, it is a military town so no matter the economic situation the majority of the population has disposable income, the Walmart is located near a lot of subdivisions and apartments, lastly the hiring pool is full of hard-working individuals who have recently left the Army. Looking at potential competition in Fayetteville, there are limited big box stores and one mall but it is located on the other side of town so for cheap available access to goods Walmart is the go-to place for this side of town. Heizer, J., Render, B., & Munson, C. (2020). Operations management: sustainability and supply chain management. Retrieved from Smithson, N. (2017). Walmart: Operations Management 10 Decisions, Productivity. Retrieved from Response to keven p The location and layout of a business will affect its economic and operational success. It can affect the income, expenses, and prices of products. If the location of a business is far away from their target area, prospective customers will find it difficult to locate it. A business location is also important in order to attract the right customers. For this discussion I have chosen a mall that is located in a part of the city with a reputation for luxury. The stores that are in this mall are all high end such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, and Salvatore Ferragamo, among others. This mall is easily accessible which is a huge advantage; It is located in an area with high purchasing power which gives the perception that it is successful. This mall appeals to the right people and puts off the people who are not their target market. Its location has increased the brand visibility of these high end stores. The mall also includes exclusive restaurants, and live events, as well as art exhibitions, and luxury cars exhibitions. The mall also includes a Marriott Hotel, which makes the mall easily accessible to the hotel’s guests. The strengths of the location of this mall is that it is in the center of a high populated area with high purchasing power, and is close to their target audience. The weakness of the location is that it's located in a high transit avenue where there are numerous traffic jams. Since the mall is located in the center of the city it is easy for suppliers to access the mall and deliver suppliers. Oppong (2018) Explains that when choosing a location it is important to take into consideration the business image, competition, growth plans safety, and laws and regulations. References Oppong,T. (2018). The Importance of Location in Business. Retrieved from ...
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Business Location


Business Location

The location of a business is very critical in ensuring not only profitability but also
sustainability. Most businesses locate their outlets near the target market; however, other
companies consider the location for the raw materials, among other factors. Notably, if a
business is located in the wrong place, proper marketing and adequate financial may not
guarantee continuous success (Ferreira et al. 2016). As such, managers spend more time
performing market research before investment. For this discussion, I will be assessing the
location characteristics of a coffee shop located at the center of the city. The reason for the
choice of this location is strictly market-oriented. This locati...

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