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Please read the description, watch the videos, read the cases and please answer the discussion questions in only one page long

Also, my country that you need to talk about is Nigeria. By 2030, there will be 116.1 million Muslim living in Nigeria

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Part 1: Fulla Here is what Fulla's brand manager from Newboy has said, " This isn’t just about putting the hijab on a Barbie doll. . Our advertising is full of positive messages about Fulla’s character." Discuss: (a) Why wouldn't just putting a hijab on Barbie work as a successful marketing campaign for Fulla? (b) What are those positive messages that Fulla communicates? Use the case and the videos you saw to develop your answer. Part 2. Non-alcoholic Beer Once again, here is the prompt for this discussion: Develop some ideas for an advertising (print, TV) and social media campaign for a non-alcoholic beer, called “Fresh.” One of the world's biggest advertising agencies, JWT, did a market research study on Muslim consumers. They found four different market segments. One of those segments, they termed Pragmatic Strivers. Pragmatic Strivers were described as "non-traditional and ambitious. They are open-minded. They consider themselves religious, but not in a rigid way. They are willing to compromise on religious values in order to get ahead in life. They are also not very affluent. Certainly not rich, but they are also not extremely poor. 'If I had to choose between studying accounting or management versus studying sports, I would choose sports as I am interested in opening my own sports club.' They are primarily located outside large towns and seek ways to earn something extra and to save for the future." This is the target market you should develop your advertising and social media campaign for. Your country is determined by your discussion Group Number Group 1: Nigeria. By 2030, there will be 116.1 million Muslim living in Nigeria Group 1: Nigeria. By 2030, there will be 116.1 million Muslim living in Nigeria Today we will look at two contrasting issues, through two short case studies. The first has to do with a girl's doll called Fulla. (Fulla means flower in Arabic). Read this short case as preparation for the discussion board. Then please watch these commercials about Fulla. Second we will look at marketing non-alcoholic beer to consumers in non-Muslim majority countries. To prep for this case discussion, please download and read this case . Non-alcoholic Beer Many Middle East and African markets hold considerable appeal to brewers. Increasing disposable incomes and changing consumption trends are driving higher demand, with growth boosted further by urbanization and distribution network developments. However, the Middle East and Africa covers a wide range of markets with considerably differing beer trends, drinking attitudes and demographics, each presenting their own opportunities and challenges. One such consideration is that alcoholic drinks are prohibited by Islam. In other words, it is haram, or forbidden. Alcohol has a destructive effect on the nervous system through its direct toxic effect. Besides, alcohol may lead to alcoholism with its psychological and mental troubles such as convulsions and hallucination. Non-alcohol beer undergoes the same production process as alcoholic beer — from preparing the mash to fermentation. It contains malt, sugar, hops and antioxidants, and crucially, 0% alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer is a commonly consumed and popular beverage in Islamic countries. As a result, the Middle East has become the world's largest non-alcoholic beer consumption area. Non-alcoholic beer, for example, is a well-developed and established category in Iran. Growth statistics are important. The global non-alcoholic beer market is projected to surpass USD 25 billion by 2024, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Alcohol free beer contributed for over 50% of the industry share in 2016. Middle East & Africa non-alcoholic beer market is anticipated to witness highest growth potential with CAGR over 7% up to 2024. Rapid adoption due to product legalization by government and religious institutions will drive the regional demand Changing demographic trends including growing Muslim population will provide positive outlook for non-alcoholic beer market. Furthermore, fatwas issued by Egyptian and Saudi clerics premising liquor free beverage consumption are expected to drive the product demand particularly in the Middle East. Your challenge: Develop some advertising (print, TV) and social media ideas for a nonalcoholic beer, called “Fresh.” This week’s discussion forum will indicate which specific country you should develop your ideas for. ...
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Fulla And Non-Alcoholic Beer
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Fulla and Non-Alcoholic Beer
Part 1: Fulla
Putting a hijab on Barbie for marketing Fulla would not be successful because it does not
promote the values of Muslims. Several qualities must be convincing to the Islamic society;
therefore, it is important to make sure that the dolls are conforming to their beliefs. Apart from
the hijab clothing, the doll has to promote values such as having a brother and sister but does not
involve a romantic relationship out of wedlock. The marketing will only succeed with the
inclusion of other appearances of...

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