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"Select a short outside text you believe to be an example of propaganda, media bias, and/or manipulation of "truth." (See "Rules About Outside Texts" for more details about what you can use.) Then, compose an essay (max. 5 pages plus Works Cited) in which you examine and assess that text’s rhetorical attributes, then respond critically to its claims and ideas with your own arguments. Your essay should be developed in the following methods and sequence: " I ONLY WANT 3 PAGES! plus works cited!

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Rhetoric Analysis and Critical Response
Different leaders have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic differently, but no leader’s
response has attracted as much criticism as that of President Trump’s. Emergency and pandemic
pundits have termed Trump’s administration as unprepared, some media houses read laxity in
response to the virus. The fundamental concern appears to be whether these stakeholders are
really concerned about the President’s response to the current situation or are just riding on the
daily status reports toward a political end. VanDerWerff’s article “The coronavirus has given
Trump something he’s always wanted: A chance to totally take over TV” published on March
25, 2020 on the Vox website is one of the powerful propagandist reactions to Trump’s policy
response to COVID-19. The author no doubt inappropriately uses rhetoric to portray President
Trump as an opportunist who is making use of the Coronavirus situation to achieve a political
Rhetoric Analysis
The media is a powerful tool for both information and misinformation in times of crisis.
In the selected article, VanDerWerff employs audience awareness to propagate misinformation
about the President’s intentions. The title of the article “The coronavirus has given Trump
something he’s always wanted: A chance to totally...

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