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Students may complete a 27 page research paper(25 pages of content, 1 title page, plus reference pages). The research paper should have a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed resources that address the significance of sales in the fields of hospitality, sport and tourism. Additionally, the paper should address the importance of a sales component being added into the curricula of hospitality, sport and tourism undergraduate studies courses/programs and its overall relatedness to student success in these fields after graduation. The paper should be APA formatted, Times New Roman font, double-spaced throughout.

Students will receive a 5 point deduction for any noted APA Issues. The remainder of the paper will be evaluated using the following college-level writing rubric (Booth, M. of St. Mary’s College, 2020).

College of Central Florida Hospitality Sport and Tourism Research Paper

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Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism

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Sales activities in the hospitality, sport, and tourism fields are different from those in the other
forms of industries. Some of the sales concepts used are inclusive of public relations, sales
promotion, advertising, and merchandising, among others. Service is one of the most significant
factors that determine the failure or success of a business. Though indirectly, the effective
management of a firm’s sales activities leads to an increase in its competitiveness. The sectors of
a business strengthened during the sales activities are the direct determinants of a firm's
competitive advantage. There is a need for more efforts towards the achievement of more
reliable systems of education that support the ever-changing sector of the service industry. This
study aims at addressing the importance of sales in the fields of hospitality, sport, and tourism
that guide an entity in its efforts to attain and maintain a competitive advantage in the highly
competitive service industry.
Vocabulary: Sales, hospitality, tourism, sport, industry



Sales in the fields of hospitality, sport, and tourism
There is a need for concrete means of marketing in every field of business in modern
society. The rising levels of competition in all business sectors call for participation in
employment of various sales strategies that can be used by firms to reach their clients. The fields
of hospitality, sport, and tourism are no different from this trend. The key factor in these sectors
is the loyalty of customers. Therefore, the sales manager and other executive members involved
in their running should be devoted to increasing the awareness of their brands and ensuring
continued interconnections regarding the campaigns of their products. There should be enough
time and resources dedicated to ensuring the success of the campaigns and their interconnections.
The sales efforts made towards the achievement of stability in the hospitality, sport, and tourism
sectors should be inclusive of both the digital and print techniques. Such techniques focus on
maintaining current clients and winning more guests in the future. Some multiple advantages and
disadvantages affect these sectors. As a result, there is a need to watch out for possible ways of
maintaining a healthy trend while serving any of them (Barreda, 2017). Therefore, this study
aims at addressing the importance of sales in the fields of hospitality, sport, and tourism that
guide an entity in its efforts to attain and maintain a competitive advantage in the highly
competitive service industry.
The sales involved in the fields of hospitality, sport, and tourism are often different from
the sales of consumer goods. This difference accrues from the fact that the sales in these sectors
are inclusive of both tangible and intangible commodities. In most cases, these sectors are
associated with sales services and not marketing goods. Following this reason, it is evident that
the success of the activities involved in this industry is subject to the feeling created to the
potential customers by its sales services. For instance, restaurants are often concerned with the



creation of a relaxing atmosphere that is full of fun (Wang & Sirakaya-Turk, 2017). They focus
on making their environments and services known to the public. They also ensure that the
services are capable of inspiring fun and relaxation to the individuals.
The hospitality, sport, and tourism fields primarily made up of experiential services.
Therefore, brand identity is as important as the creation of a reliable feeling to the consumers.
The identity of a brand in the hospitality, sport, and tourism fields plays a significant role in the
determination of their success. Adopting a new brand identity after short moments draws a firm
toward the loss of customers and hence becoming vulnerable to the competitive forces in the
market. The changing of the brand identity confuses the customers as they may think that the
producer or provider of the services as also changed. As a consequence, they avoid risking their
loyalty to a new firm. Therefore, the sales managers in the services regarding these industries
will always want to ensure that their firms’ brand identities remain. When such measures are
ensured, the customers are likely to want to use their services for multiple seasons. Repeat
customers give significant firm revenue and higher competitive advantage than the other players
in the same market. Thus, sales strategies should initially be aimed at maintaining the available
customers by an effective serving of their demands. Secondly, they should be targeted at
reaching out to new clients as a need to increase their revenues, and competitive stability grows.
The general importance of sales
Sales refer to the activities that are relative to selling. They are the activities and
operations that are applied during the selling and promotion of either goods or services. The term
can also be used when referring to several services or products that have been sold within a
specified and targeted period. The subject of sales in the services industry is discussed often by



firms because of its technicality. In the developing society and the growing trade industry, the
need for regular sales activities is rising significantly. The people need to change the form of
almost everything that they own. Although it is less of a batter trade, people attach a monetary
value to everything, including services. For this reason, therefore, every sector of business
considers sales as a primary factor of its existence.
Everything in the modern world revolves around business. All forces that affect business
activities are, therefore, also experienced at every level of society. For instance, governments,
organizations, and institutions consider from different firms before they settle on the most
favorable binder while assigning tenders. Retailers also consider the cheapest wholesalers while
making their stocks to sell to the final consumer. Besides, the sellers must also check their reach
out to the most favorable market to sell their products. Similarly, the individuals involved in the
services industry are also selective in the markets where they deliver their services. They
consider the value of their services and determine prices for each type and level of service.
Hence, they make up their sales’ decision while targeting the most potential audience or
customers. For instance, the services related to tourism are often located near tourist attraction
centers. The tourist attraction centers are also served with services related to tourism. One can
hardly start a football club that besides a national park that is frequently visited by tourists.
Instead, such a region will favor the sales of such services as restaurants and hotels.
According to Raymond and Tanner (2015), sales are a primary determinant of a firm’s
competitive advantage in the market. The means used in sales’ services of a given firm play a
significant role in the attainment of the firm’s stability in the competitive market. For instance,
while some firms dedicate many efforts to ensuring that they build good relations with their
customers, others overlook this factor and concentrate on providing the essential services and



commodities needed by their clients. While both of the two cases are aimed at satisfying the
needs of the clients, the latter case may lose its clients to the other because it lacks a strong bond
with its customers. Sales services can help in maintaining customers or losing them to other
firms. When the departments in charge of sales management within a given business focus on
creating strong relations with their customers, they improve the loyalty of the customers. Having
various loyal customers gives a brand or business the ability to succeed in a market where the
competition is stiff. Therefore, a difference in sales strategies between different firms leads to a
significant difference in their ability to withstand the market forces.
Multiple activities are considered in sales in heed of seeking the target revenues by the
respective entities. One of the services is keeping an eye on the data regarding the firm. Also, the
one regarding the entity's progress and the trends in the market should be considered. Data helps
a sales manager to understand to monitor the patterns of the firm’s projects in comparison to the
trends happening in society and in the market. It helps one to note the techniques that work for
the meant purpose and the ones that do not work. Also, regarding the current era where
everything has a particular affiliation to a given type of data, the sales managers should always
be careful how they treat their data. As far as there is a need to compare with the progress of
other firms, they are always committed to ensuring that their critical sales data does not leak out
to the public. Also, the data creates a basis for their analysis of the market activities. The results
from these analyses make the basis of the inferences they make regarding the recommendable
directions moving forwards. Therefore, sales are advantageous because they give data that aid in
measuring the place of a firm in the market.
The second sales activity involved in most of the business setups is centralizing the
business activities with customer relationship management (CRM). This activity is often



regarded as the most significant among all other sales activities. One of the primary challenges
associated with sales activities is the lack of reliable tracking criteria. Failure to track the
activities carried out by a business makes it difficult to understand the activities or factors that
threaten its sales, revenues, or other potential assets. In such a case, the application of the CRM
at any of the selling activities would be invaluabl...

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