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Over the past several weeks, you have been learning about the various issues surrounding the challenges and numerous situations that exist legally that differ from those of the United States. You have been placed in charge of the Business Development and Expansion committee for your company. You are charged with the task of researching and identifying a country to expand your company’s operations. Take the feedback from the Phase 4 DB into consideration, and make any additions or deletions as you deem necessary.

Your international business expansion plan should include the concepts and ideas that were covered over the past several weeks. You are to select a country that does not recognize all of the established legal guidelines reviewed previously, but the potential profit that could be realized warrants the risk. The following points need to be addressed in your international business expansion plan:

  • The issue of common and civil law systems internationally
  • Intellectual property, copyright infringements, and legal ramifications
  • Violation of human rights of employees and child labor law violations
  • Public perception of companies doing business with companies that engage in that kind of activity
  • What has been the impact of the European Union of the business environment?
  • Anything else that you deem important to support your international business expansion plan

    The deliverable length is 1,300-1,500 words. Do not forget to include a cover page and reference page with all of your resources.

    Assignment Guidelines:

    Your international business expansion plan should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas covered throughout the course.

    Ensure that the assignment adheres to APA formatting and it meets the required deliverable length.

    Don’t forget to cite your resources.

    Please submit your assignment.

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    Running Head: EXPANSION PLAN.

    Expansion Plan.
    Your name
    Institutional Affiliation.

    Business Expansion Plan.
    With the development of robust information and communication technology, it has
    become every business dream to expand its business internationally. Despite the fact that there
    are several challenges related to expansion of business globally, it is one of the most rewarding
    decision that an organization can execute. The main concerns of global organizations is utilizing
    their core abilities to compete in the universal markets (Orr, 2014). To ensure that this is
    effective, they must ensure that they stick to the directions of working as a team in each and
    every operation environment. The legal landscape for international organizations is both
    challenging and diverse since the organizations must stick to several directives from both local
    and foreign systems, any requirements must be changed for the general interest of the business.
    This international business expansion plan will explore legal and other concerns that will
    confront the organization in expanding its business operations to China. According to Yang,
    China is one of the leading global economies with great potential for global businesses to
    expansion development and potentially higher organizational benefits (Yang, 2012).
    Issues of the Common and Civil Law Systems.
    Legal systems have implications on the way business and related operations is executed.
    Over the previous years, two major legal frameworks have been created. These are the civil
    (code) law system and the custom-based law system. The common rules are persistently
    developed from the case laws and they are modified and implemented by the governing body. In
    countries with common law, for example the United Kingdom and the United States,
    organizational laws are minimized while specific directives is issued by a separate body; the
    standard contro...

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