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Over the course of the past 8 weeks, we have examined a number of issues that are facing families today. For this assignment you are going to select an issue facing families today and address the following:

  1. Identify the issue that you have selected
  2. Discuss the impact of the issue selected on the family
  3. Provide some history on how the selected issue has evolved
  4. Identify 3 resources that are available to assist families experiencing the selected issue. Provide a summary of what each resource has to offer and how it can be helpful.
  5. Provide a closing discussion on what is needed to resolve your selected issue. Be sure to include policy changes as well as societal changes in your discussion.

Assignment Requirements: Create your assignment in a word document, length 4 content pages, APA formatted (must include cover page and reference page), use minimum of 3 references to support your writing. You must show how and where the references used at the end of your paper are used to support the body of your paper through the use of in text citations. Please avoid using direct quotes so that your Turnitin Originality Score is within an acceptable range.

Save your assignment as your topic_ your name. (i.e. Divorce_MickeyMouse). Title your paper with the issue you chose as your topic.

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Impact of Divorce in Modern Families

Name of student







The love and wellbeing of a family are vital for growth and development for all
members of families, especially developing children. However, there are many issues in
society that face families because of changes that happen in the community. For many years
issues like economic wellbeing were a problem affecting families. However, in the modern
world, one of the most significant barriers to enhancing the quality of life of families is
divorces. Some countries experience high divorce rates like United States, Spain, and
Luxembourg while others have low records of divorce like India, Chile, Kenya, and
Columbia (Best Family Lawyers in Sydney, 2017). A study conducted in 2018 reported that a
diverse happens every thirteen seconds in the United States. The divorce rates have become
severe to a point whereby the end of a new couple reciting wedding vows more than nine
divorces have already happened. Some individuals end up having more than five divorces in
their lifetime, making the issue even more complicated to solve (Wilkinson & Finkbeiner
Family Law Attorneys). Therefore, there is a need to understand how divorce impacts family
wellbeing, how it has developed, available resources and programs for assistance, and
resolutions to overcome or minimize the problem in the future.

Impact of Divorce to Families

Divorce has a significant social, economic, and mental effect on the wellbeing and
development of children as well as adults. Children and adolescents find it hard to adjust to
the new environment of single parenthood, thus affecting the social, mental, and educational
progress for children, among others. The situation may become extremely stressful for
children to the point that they prefer social distance. Social distancing is especially frequent
when children feel guilt that they were responsible for their parents to break up. Also,
children have difficulties adapting to new changes due to divorce resulting in dangerous



behaviors like drug abuse, fighting, recklessness, and other destructive behaviors (Haghdoost
et al., 2017). Other children end up failing to believe in marriages and family units and prefer
living independently to avoid the stressful events and emo...

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