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Need help with my Economics question - I’m studying for my class.

I’ve attached my assignment details below, I’m looking to have someone skilled, preferably with an economics degree!

The assignment is 2000 words, but I would require roughly 1750 words for the report and an appendix/transcript of roughly 750 words.
I want you to include several reference from a reading list I will provide once the writer has been selected. This report will be based on an interview with a rather small shoe shop owner, more details will be provided after a writer is selected, if you have any questions about the interviewee in the report just ask and I’ll answer quickly please keep that in mind when writing the report.
I can also provide two example essays to guide you, however, it’s important you don’t copy them, simply use them for influence!

University of Leeds Report Paper on An Entrepreneur Allan Sood Essay
University of Leeds Report Paper on An Entrepreneur Allan Sood Essay

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Hello thereI hope everything is fine. I am attaching to this message the final version of your paper. I followed your instructions + professor requirements in order to make sure I am not missing anything. I also followed the format of your classmate's paper to make sure that the entire paper is written correctly in the adequate format (No information were retrieved from those papers as I used them only for format purpose). As you requested, I wrote the paper in Harvard format.I also included some of the references from your list. Of course, it was possible and unacceptable to use all those references. Even so, I selected the most appropriate one for the subject discussed in the paper.I also understand the importance of original essays. Due to that, the entire paper was written by me. As you can see based on the plagiarism report, the results state that " Results: 0 matches in 0 sources".This further confirms that the paper is indeed original.I tried to make the interview as real as possible. I avoided exceeding the requested number of words/pages because I know some professor deducts points for this (better safe than regretting after that). Even so, I tried to make it look as real as possible while still answering clearly to each question.As you will see, the report contains 1828 words while the appendix (interview) contains 778 words. This means that the total paper has 2606 words (not including reference page). Your professor requested 2000 words, which were met.You stated that you want 1750 words for the report and 750 for the transcript, so this point was met too.It was a pleasure working on your task and I hope you enjoyed my support.

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Title: Report on an entrepreneur
Report paper on an Entrepreneur - Allan Sood
1. Introduction
In most success stories of entrepreneurs and business creators, it is always a narration filled with
tremendous processes of growth, hard work, and risky decisions. This paper is a research paper
that aims at analyzing the creative mind of an entrepreneur to understand the complex decisions
that are involved during the processes of growth from small foundations to established
businesses. The analysis of the individual will be done through an approach of an interview that
the interviewee will be responding to. The entrepreneur will be located in the United Kingdom.
The aim is to understand the experiences of the entrepreneur and the motivating factors that
guided him to reach where he is today. The objective of this research is to bridge the gap that
exists between real-life entrepreneurial practices and the concepts learned in class.

Moreover, the article aims to critically analyze the failure and success that the entrepreneur faced
while starting up the business, which will be able to provide information about the problemsolving skills of the individual, which is also part of the goals of this study. Finally, the
application of academic knowledge by the individual will be analyzed throughout the processes
of creating the business. The future plans of the entrepreneur and his business will also be


2) Body
a) Background to the businesses
The processes of starting a business involve the approach of intricate steps. These steps are
meant to guide the entrepreneur so that he/she can identify a suitable business niche and to locate
a business that would thoroughly cover the business gap. These steps include the process of
conducting market research, which is essential to enable you to understand the concerned
market. If the market is feasible enough, then the individual is permitted to make advanced
actions in creating a plan for the business idea. The next step is to make plans for finances, which
will offer a definite plan for financing the busine...

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