ME 474 BME 488 IFS Axial Members Beams Frames Excel Project

ME 474 BME 488


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ME 474 / BME 488 Homework 6 Due: 03/30/2020 @ 6:00 PM When submitting this homework, include a pdf of your written work as well as any MATLAB (.m) or Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files used to solve the problems. Make sure your work is well documented and easy to follow. 1. A 20-ft-tall post is used to support advertisement signs at various locations along its height, as shown in the figure below. The post is made of structural steel with a modulus of elasticity of E = 29×106 lb/in2. Determine the displacements of the post at the points of load application and the stresses in the post. 2. The beam shown in the figure below is a wide-flange WI6×31 with a cross-sectional area of 9.12 in2 and a depth of 15.88 in. The second moment of area is 375 in4. The beam is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 1000 lb/ft and a point load of 500 lb. The modulus of elasticity of the beam is E = 29×106 1b/in2. Determine the vertical displacement at node 3 and the rotations at nodes 2 and 3. Also, compute the reaction forces at nodes 1 and 2 and reaction moment at node 1. 3. The lamp frame shown in the figure below has hollow, square cross sections and is made of steel, with E = 29×106 lb/in2. Determine the endpoint deflection of the cross member where the lamp is attached. 𝑏ℎ3 − 𝑏1 ℎ1 3 𝐼𝑥 = 12 𝑏 3 ℎ − 𝑏1 3 ℎ1 𝐼𝑦 = 12 ...
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