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See Fences Attached for reference

  • Locate one scholarly source that would help analyze Fences. This source can include literary criticism and/or a scholarly article about Fences.
    • For example, you might search for articles about the color barrier in baseball, flower symbolism in literature, blues songs, maternal mortality in childbirth, black male incarceration, racial discrimination in 1950s Pittsburgh, etc. (This list is just a brainstorm and it is by no means complete. Think of your own--what aspects of the play intrigue you, puzzled you, or related to your own interests?)
  • Now, you will write an individual annotated bibliographic entry for this source. Complete the following:
    • Begin with the MLA works cited entry for the text.
    • Then, write one well-developed paragraph that summarizes, synthesizes, and reflects on the source, using the outline below. Make sure that the paragraph contains specific information (not general observations that could apply to any source). Note that a single quote may be included—but the quote must be no more than one (fully) typed line.
      • Write 2-3 sentences that summarize the source’s main argument and claims; be specific when summarizing the text and include parenthetical citations when appropriate.
      • Write 2-3 sentences that discuss what evidence and examples the source uses to support its main focus/claims. Consider how effectively the author(s) presented her/his/their claims. Keep in mind that your evaluation does not need to be only positive or negative; the source may be adept in certain areas, but not in others.
      • Write 2-3 sentences that reflect on how you might use the article/source in your researched essay. Consider what new information you learned—and how the source “added” to the ongoing conversation about your topic. It may be helpful to imagine the author as a participant in an online discussion on the poem—what would she/he “say”?

Submission Criteria (points may be deducted for not following these guidelines):

  • On the first page of your assignment, include your name, date, and assignment name.

Grading Criteria:

  • One scholarly article from Galileo or other scholarly source; you may include additional sources if you like.
  • Developed paragraphs that engage specific ideas in the texts (not general observations) for the distinct purposes of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis
  • Clear, grammatically correct prose.
  • Correct MLA guidelines for citations.

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‘Fences’- A Scholarly Article Analysis
One of the most prevalent themes in Fences is the American Dream and the
difficulty in achieving this dream by the African-American populatio...

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