University of Leeds Behavioral Economics Report on An Entrepreneur Research Paper

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I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.

(Great English is a must)

(You need to be skilled in the field of economic)

(2500 words paper, APA format)

(In the end you will deliver a 1750 report together with a 750 transcript )


Subject of the paper: Behavioural Economics

Requirement: The attached two pictures contain all the requested information. It is actually an interview with a business owner together with a report. In the end, you will deliver a 1750 words minimum report together with a 750 transcript of the interview. For the business, I have some details of a business owner but you will have to come up with an imaginary interview (but make it very real... small copy-pastes from other sources won't be accepted). I will also provide two examples from my classmates do give you a general idea of how the paper should look. Even so, DO NOT copy those papers. They will be sent for the sole purpose of making you have an understanding of how the file you should. The main report will consist of the primary research which is the interview and also the secondary research which is a review from the academic literature. (reading the attached pictures will make you have a better understanding)

Format: The paper should be written in Harvard Format. For the references part, I am going to provide you a list of a variety of articles (they can be easily searched online as they are easy to find). Please use as many of them as possible but make sure they are appropiate for what you are discussing in the paper.

*Read the rubric attached to have a better understanding of the work*

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


Thank you for your support

University of Leeds Behavioral Economics Report on An Entrepreneur Research Paper
University of Leeds Behavioral Economics Report on An Entrepreneur Research Paper

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Hey buddy. Here is the complete solution to the assignment, and as always i have attached the assignment's work outline. It has been a pleasure working with you once again..CHEERS!!!😀

Report on Entrepreneur assignment
THESIS STATEMENT : To accurately answer questions on Report on Entrepreneur assignment
Question 1.
Correctly answered all the parts of the question by writing the interview report.
Question 2.
Correctly answered all the parts of the question by creating the interview template.
Correctly adhered the Hravard Writing Format.

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Title: Report on an entrepreneur
Report paper on an Entrepreneur - Allan Sood
1. Introduction
In most success stories of entrepreneurs and business creators, it is always a narration filled with
tremendous processes of growth, hard work, and risky decisions. This paper is a research paper
that aims at analyzing the creative mind of an entrepreneur to understand the complex decisions
that are involved during the processes of growth from small foundations to established
businesses. The analysis of the individual will be done through an approach of an interview that
the interviewee will be responding to. The entrepreneur will be located in the United Kingdom.
The aim is to understand the experiences of the entrepreneur and the motivating factors that
guided him to reach where he is today. The objective of this research is to bridge the gap that
exists between real-life entrepreneurial practices and the concepts learned in class.

Moreover, the article aims to critically analyze the failure and success that the entrepreneur faced
while starting up the business, which will be able to provide information about the problemsolving skills of the individual, which is also part of the goals of this study. Finally, the
application of academic knowledge by the individual will be analyzed throughout the processes
of creating the business. The future plans of the entrepreneur and his business will also be


2) Body
a) Background to the businesses
The processes of starting a business involve the approach of intricate steps. These steps are
meant to guide the entrepreneur so that he/she can identify a suitable business niche and to locate
a business that would thoroughly cover the business gap. These steps include the process of
conducting market research, which is essential to enable you to understand the concerned
market. If the market is feasible enough, then the individual is permitted to make advanced
actions in creating a plan for the business idea. The next step is to make plans for finances, which
will offer a definite plan for financing the business plan. The next step is choosing a business
structure and, finally, the implementation of the business idea. However, considering the startup
procedure for Allan's business, there are different concepts and ideas. Allan did not fully consider
this procedural approach. However, he just implemented some of it. Most of the decisions mostly
depended on his inner consciousness and the decision to take a risk. Hayton (2011).

His business' background history is one that is full of chronological growth. His first business
was located in his home country in India. His first business was sales and marketing, where he
worked in his father's stall. This job offered Allan the necessary knowledge, skills, and
experiences that enabled him to secure ano...

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