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hi there, i was wondering if you can help me to do this assignment on making a lesson plan. the website youll have to use will be for the bench marks, my lesson plan will focus on grade 6-8. i do have an example of what it should looks like

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Subject: Physical Education


Grade: 4th- 5th

Lesson: Ball handling and Dribbling and passing to a partner.
Objective: The students will learn basketball handling skills during dribbles against a stationary or
moving partner, and learn how to pass the ball to the partner.
• PE.4.R.5.1: Discuss the influence of individual differences on participation in physical
• PE.4.R.5.2: List ways to encourage others while refraining from insulting/negative
• PE.4.R.5.3: Demonstrate respect and caring for students with disabilities through verbal and
non-verbal encouragement and assistance.
• PE.4.M.1.1: Apply movement concepts to the performance of locomotor skills in a variety of
movement settings.
• PE.4.M.1.2 Strike a moving object using body parts so that the object travels in the intended
• PE.4.M.1.8 Throw balls of various sizes and weights to a stationary partner from varying
• PE.4.M.1.12 Run and hurdle a succession of low- to medium-level obstacles.
• PE.4.M.1.5 Dribble and pass to a moving partner.
• PE.4.C.2: Identity, analyze and evaluate movement concepts, mechanical principles, safety
considerations and strategies/tactics regarding movement performance in a variety of
physical activities.
• PE.4.L.3: Participate regularly in physical.
• PE.4.R.6: Value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or
social interaction.
• ESOL: The teacher will provide a peer to the translator for students who cannot
communicate in English and only understands vernacular.
• Exceptional Students Education: The teacher wil...

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