UCF 3 Useful Pieces of Feedback Learning from Others & Discourse Communities Discussion

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Due 3/29 by 11:59 pm: Task 20.2 Read Revisiting Grading (Links to an external site.)

Due 3/29 by 11:59 pm: Task 20.3 Post Attached Assignment

Due 4/1 11:59 pm: Task 21.1 Read (Links to an external site.) Revisiting Self Direction (Links to an external site.)

Due 4/1 11:59 pm: Task 21.2 Post Attached Assignment

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Project 2 Discussion Questions
Task 20.3
1. How did you collaborate in ways that advanced your learning and the learning of others?
I collaborated in several ways that helped me advance my learning. Firstly, through
reading the requirements needed throughout the course and answering the questions
helped me get ideas about developing my final essay. Each assignment and reading of all
the weeks helped towards solving and understanding the way of developing a compelling
essay and gaining more insights and ideas that one can use to develop the essay. Also,
through answering the discussion questions and commenting on other students, I was able
to gain new perspectives and ideas on different topics tha...

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