University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information

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You will complete a fabricated intake report for this assignment. This will be uploaded as a word document with scores up to 70 points. You should use the “Intake Assessment Form” found on pages 460-467 to guide your report. This form is not required. Instead, use this form to help you create an organized report of your fabricated client's first visit with you. It may be helpful to ask a peer/friend/family member to MAKE UP answers as you interview him/her. Do you provide real life situations in this report.

Your full intake report will be based upon APA guidelines. Additionally, please complete a “header” which reads “FABRICATED REPORT BASED UPON FICTITIOUS INFORMATION.” Margins cannot be more than 1 inch. Reports should range from three to five pages. Please remember that length does not indicate quality. I will be grading based upon you covering all areas in the intake assessment form and using quality sentences.

University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information
University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information
University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information
University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information
University of Southern Mississippi Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information

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Fabricated Report Based Upon Fictitious Information
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Client Name: George Washington
Date of Birth: 17/07/2000
Date of Assessment: 26/03/2020
The client was ready for the session and was willing to provide all the information. It was
surprising considering it was the first meeting, and he seems to tell it all. He was tired of living
this life, considering that he had realized that the continued behavior would lead him to become a
criminal in the future. He said that he has been trying to stop the use of drugs, but he just can't. He
says he does not understand what is happening to him. He has become aggressive while he is
socializing with people, and therefore the majority of his friends in the society stay afar from him.
His only friends are those he takes drugs with. While he is drunk, he abuses people hence hurting
them emotionally. He realizes the mess he has done when it's too late. He began taking drugs due
to the absenteeism of his parents. He needed people to love him and hang out with and feel happy.
He met a group of friends, and they began having fun while taking drugs.
George has been in the group counseling sessions provided in the college. The counselor
was aware of his dependence on drugs and tried individual counseling, which did not help him. He
has once been arrested for underage drinking. He began the use of drugs when he was 14 years
old. He is now under probation.
During the interview, George indicated that his parents were hardworking, and their jobs
did not allow them to be always around. His father was a project manager, and he received tenders
from different parts of the country. Therefore, George's father would be away for a day or two,



and when he comes back home, they do not talk much. George said that the father would have a
good rest only when he is at home and therefore did not want to be disturbed. It was a middle-class
family, and the parents worked hard to ensure they gave their son the best life. His mother was a
nurse who worked at night. Therefore, she was never around during the night hence allowing
George to go and party with friends. The parents did not pay much focus on the child since they
knew he was at good hands in school. They took him to the best school in the city to ensure that
he was guided and encouraged to work harder and achieve his dreams. They rarely had time to talk
as a family or spend time together. George seems to have a better relationship with his father,
considering that he said his father is kind, loving, considerate, and understanding. On the other
hand, the mother was annoying, caring, kind, and persistent. When his mother realized George was
taking drugs, she tried to talk to him, and the conversation did not go so well. Through growing
up in this environment, he lacked the love from his parents, and therefore he needed someone to
love him and care about him. That's when he met this group of friends whom they would have fun
together. They influenced him into drugs, and the excitement from the use of drugs made George
feel relaxed. He thought that his life was better.
After a couple of years, George realized how his life has changed, and it is affecting the
people around him. He exited the group and tried to stop using the drugs. The pressure and
complaints at home just led him into retaking the drugs. Drugs became a way of him solving
problems. Whenever he was stressed or had an argument, he took the drugs to feel relaxed and not
face reality. He used to abuse people while drunk, and they would get hurt. His friends in the
society kept a distance since George treated the...

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