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NSG 100 Stratford University Attention Deficit Disorder Case Study

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Prior to completing this discussion, you MUST the assigned chapters in your course text. This discussion requires to to APPLY concepts in these chapters to a nursing case study.

Select a case study provided (refer to the folder on Moodle under this discussion). For the client in the case study, identify the following:

1. Piaget Stage of Development

2. Erikson Stage of Development

3. List the current illness(es) (medical diagnoses) in the scenario and identify each as acute or chronic.

4. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, identify any basic needs the client may have difficulty achieving.

5. Identify at least one Health Promotion focus AND one Health Screening for the client.

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Running Head: CASE STUDY 10


Case Study 10
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Case Study 10: Annemarie Martin

Piaget Stage of Development
Annemarie Martin, who is a 14-year old girl, is within the stage of formal operational.
The stage begins when people reach the age of 12 years and above. There are different
characteristics of people in this stage. The thinking of the person becomes more advanced and
sophisticated (McLeod, 2018). Children like Annemarie can use logic in finding solutions for the
problems they are facing in life. There is an emergence of skills like systematic planning,
deductive reasoning, and logical thought for the children at this stage. The stage comprises of
people who can grasp concepts and relationships. When Annemarie’s mother got deployed
overseas, she was affected in her school life because of the falling grades and disturbance from
some girls who bullied her. Annemarie used logic reasoning and decided to look for the solution
of the problem by reporting to the teacher who could not help her. Additionally, her father does
little concerning the situation.
Erikson Stage of Development
There are several stages expla...

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