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Sullivan College of Technology and Design Copper Kettle Catering Case Study

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Sullivan College of Technology and Design Copper Kettle Catering Case Study

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Lean Operations Case Study
Are the operations of Copper Kettle Catering good to the application of lean concepts and
Reading through the Copper Kettle Catering case, one can quickly identify that the
environment created by Wayne and Janet Williams is not conducive for the implementation of a
lean system that allows the organization to spend fewer resources and, at the same time, increase
value for their clients. Lean concepts call on businesses to ensure that their operations are
flexible. This is not what happens at Copper Kettle Catering because their menus are rigid, as
well as the timelines for calling to order. For instance, clients need to call by 10 am in order to
guarantee that their orders will be delivered on time.
They also have a flexible menu from which they can order from. This should not be the
case as the menu should be broad enough to ensure that everyone can order what they want but
not forced to order what is available. Another way organizations should use to create more value
for their ...

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