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Find a current article about a crime that has been committed within the past three weeks.

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Assignment: Deviance in the News STEP 1: Find a current article about a crime that has been committed within the past three weeks. Look for language within the article that lends itself to a sociological explanation of the deviant behavior using one or more of the theories of deviance. You should not Google “crime” or “deviance” to find a current events article related to crime and deviance; rather, check reputable online news sources or an actual article about a crime or deviant behavior. There are always major deviant acts each week that make the national and local news. Articles should be a minimum of 500 words, recent (within three weeks), relevant (related to crime, deviance, and social control), and from a reputable news source (many colleges provide free access to national news sources). STEP 2: Write a thorough summary of the article. STEP 3: Using your sociological imagination, write an analysis of the article that connects the main idea/s of the article to specific key terms and theories from our chapter on Deviance, Crime and Social Control. STEP 4: Include the link to your article, check for any writing errors, and submit your article with your response paper. High Quality Proficient Approaching Proficiency Not Proficient Points Summary is succinct, thorough, original, and accurate. The article chosen is recent, relevant, and reputable. Summary is missing 1 of the requirements (succinct, thorough, original and accurate). The article is missing 1 of the requirements (recent, relevant, and reputable). Article and summary are missing 2 of the requirements. Article is missing the requirements. Summary is missing 3 or 4 of the requirements. __/1 Analysis clearly relates the criminal or deviant act from the article to key terms from “Deviance, Crime, and Social Control.” Analysis includes one or more key terms but does not provide a clear link to the article and/or does not use the term with 100% accuracy. Analysis includes a key term without proper connection to the article and/or misuses the term. Analysis does not include key terms from Module 6 and/or uses key terms incorrectly. __/4 Analysis includes a minimum of one theory of deviance and connects the theory to specific text in the article to explain the deviance. Analysis includes one or more theories of deviance but does not provide a clear link to the article and/or does not use the theory in a way that explains the deviance. Analysis includes a theory without proper connection to the article and/or misuses the theory. Analysis does not include a sociological theory of deviance and/or does not include an explanation or application. __/4 College-level writing grammar (spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.) with 0-1 error. College-level writing with 2-3 grammatical errors. College-level writing with 3-4 grammatical errors. College-level writing with 5+ grammatical errors. __/1 Total: __/10 ...
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Drug Trafficking Crimes – Outline



A. Drug Trafficking as a Deviance
B. Strain Theory


Drug Trafficking Crimes



Drug Trafficking Crimes

A long island rapper, Jamel Brown, famously known as Broke Boy Lord, have been
arrested and convicted of drug trafficking. He was convicted alongside his friend Troy Williams
and brother Randolph. Their arrest happened in arrest though they were sentenced in March
(Tracy, 2020). The three were accused of shipping drugs from California to New York. Drug
trafficking in America is illegal. Those who carry out drug trafficking activities form a network
through which they distribute the drugs underworld. This makes it increasingly difficult for
police to know how drugs are trafficked. Jamel Brown was among the cartels who trafficked
narcotics in New York and California. Two years ago, the police received some intelligence
concerning the drug trafficking activities in New York (Tracy, 2020). Forthwith, they launched
investigations to find out the people behind these activities. The investigations led to the
identification of eight suspects. These individuals operated in Queens neighborhoods in New
York. The police were determined to trace all their movements and activities. After carrying out
undercover investigations for two years, the police found out that fentanyl and cocaine supply in
New York was very high. Three individuals supplied these drugs to five points. This drug
distribution ring was formidable. Jamal Brown and his brother were the main suspects. The two
lived in the Queens neighborhood, where the supply of cocaine was quite high (Tracy, 2020). As
part of the un...

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