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You will answer questions about the pamphlet you intend to create for your Final Project. You should respond to EACH of the questions below. NUMBER your responses to correspond to each question.

IMPORTANT: Lay out the impacts of climate change LOGICALLY - make sure TEMP is linked to PHYSICAL and BIOLOGICAL IMPACTS, which are in turn linked to ECONOMIC IMPACTS. IMPACTS are specifically MITIGATED or ADAPTED to.

For a brief example (yours would include references): "In the next 50 years, models suggest temperature will increase by X degrees in LOCATION. An increase in temperature would result in these specific physical impacts: DESCRIBE IMPACTS (such as "a decrease in precipitation"). An increase in temperature would result in these specific biological impacts: DESCRIBE IMPACTS (such as "lower crop yield rates because of decreased precipitation"). These physical and biological impacts would result in the following economic impacts: DESCRIBE IMPACTS (such as "farms going bankrupt because of loss of income because of lowered crop yields").

THEN: Describe how an individual and a community could act to mitigate (how can we lower impact of change?) or adapt to (how can we change how we behave)?

In the example above, mitigation would look like installing special irrigation systems to reduce impact of temperature change on crop yields. Adaptation would look like planting different crops that can tolerate drought.

  1. What is the title of your pamphlet?
  2. Who is your primary audience?
  3. What are the primary message(s) you intend to convey about:
    1. The physical and biological impact of climate change in your location? Make sure you refer back to the impacts we have been discussing all semester.
    2. The economic impact of climate change in your location?
    3. Mitigation AND adaptation actions individuals could take to minimize impacts of climate change in your location?
    4. Mitigation AND adaptation actions the community could take to minimize impacts of climate change in your location?
    5. What questions still need to be answered about climate change's impact on your location?
  4. What is the audience expected to understand and/or do after reading your pamphlet?
  5. Gather AT LEAST SIX relevant sources, TWO of which must be different from those provided to you in the course. Appropriate sources are peer-reviewed papers, articles, government websites, or other peer-reviewed, authoritative websites. Cite these sources so that I can find and read each source. Think about what you have learned about evaluating sources in choosing appropriate references.
  6. What else do you need to learn to complete your pamphlet?

RESTATING NOTE ABOVE BRIEFLY: As you have learned in class, you should be able to draw connections between a) expected temperature change in your location in the next 50 years, b) impacts this temperature change will have on the physical and biological characteristics of your location, and c) economic impacts of this temperature change as well as those physical and biological impacts in your location. You should also link any actions to adapting to or mitigating those physical, biological, and economic impacts!

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Climate Change
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Climate Change

Response 1
The title of the pamphlet would be “Reducing the impact of climate change in Miami, Florida."

Response 2

My primary audience would be the residents of Florida. However, I would also recommend that
those living in the neighboring areas to read it as they may also be affected by the changes in
climate may also impact them.

Response 3

a) In the next fifty years, climate change is bound to affect Miami both physically and
biologically. For instance, the increased temperatures will cause a rise in the sea level
leading to a more significant intrusion of saltwater (Gallagher & Cattelino, 2020).
Consequently, this will contaminate drinking water, harm crops, and als...

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