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Technology in Healthcare Career Paper & KM System at NASA Case Study

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Unit 10: Web Career Exercises

Question 1 of 3: Identify several career fields that are likely to get negatively impacted by
artificial intelligence applications. Can you identify any career fields that might get
positively impacted?
Artificial intelligence applications tend to change the usual way people within the society
live. Artificial intelligence applications create technological driven societal changes that lead to
the replacement of human labor. Most career fields will get negatively affected by artificial
intelligence applications (Tanis & Lewis, 2020). The career fields that would get adversely
affected by artificial intelligence applications include marketing, bookkeeping, reception, and
research analysis. Any form of marketing that involves sales agents would get affected due to the
need for using new technology to promote the business. Sales agents would, therefore, lose their
jobs and get replaced by artificial intelligence applications.
Secondly, bookkeeping clerks would lose their jobs because artificial intelligence
methods help in promoting the creation and storage of records in computers. Only one clerk
would get used to using computers to record the digits of the company (Tanis & Lewis, 2020).
Also, the reception would get affected because the created cameras would help in monitoring
movement if people within an organization.
The career fields that are positively affected by artificial intelligence include machine
learning, psychology, neuroscience, and computational intelligence. These career fields’ needs
the use of new advanced machines to ensure education in the areas get promoted effectively.
Learning about the use of advanced technology has been made easier.
Question 2 of 3: Do research to explore career opportunities in healthcare informatics. What
sort of training and experience is necessary for such a career? What kind of role does this



prepare one to fulfill? What is the forecast for the number of job openings and starting
salaries? Does this career field interests you?
The training and experien...

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