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Question 1 Write at least 400 words in APA format along with 2 references How should cache handling be accomplished in order to minimize the ability of the attacker to deliver a payload through the cache? Question 2 write at least 600 words in APA format along with two references As you consider the reputation service and the needs of customers or individual consumers, as well as, perhaps, large organizations that are security conscious like our fictitious enterprise, Digital Diskus, what will be the expectations and requirements of the customers? Will consumers’ needs be different from those of enterprises? Who owns the data that is being served from the reputation service? In addition, what kinds of protections might a customer expect from other customers when accessing reputations?

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Security Architecture
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Customer requirements and expectations
Multitenancy brings about an extra challenge for cloud services. There are several
requirements and expectations that the customers have towards the service. First of all, no
customer would want his or her interaction and web viewing habits to be accessed by another
user. If it happened, not only would it count as a breach of privacy, it would also enable the
recipient to acquire a lot of information concerning the activities, interests, and habits of the
individual (Stewart & Ransome, 2015).
Regarding organization data, employee interests may be utilized competitively to
comprehend sales prospects, customer interactions, pricing models, future directions, and
other sensitive organization activities. In addition, every customer would expect that their
reputation history is private to them. Numerous international jurisdictions have legislated
laws known as privacy laws that concern the protection of personal data. Compliance is
crucial as it steers security posture.
Enterprise Expectations
The needs of an enterprise may vary from those of a customer. They may have more
requirements and higher expectations in comparison to customers. Compliance is the crucial
topmost concern. GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA are examples of compliances that enterprises will
expect depending on the industry (Talerico, 2018). Also, enterprises expect cloud service to
meet thorough security needs. Business continuity, disaster recovery, and reliable uptime are
also vital to an enterprise. Enter...

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