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I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1st part :

double-spaced, one-page report, will discuss the insights gained

focus on describing the insights I gained during the presentation and how this newly acquired knowledge may affect my future career.

Our speaker for the last class was Zac Spoor he is the founder of Floa. Floa provides on-demand rentals of surfboards, paddleboards, and kayaks via delivery and autonomous systems. Zac tells an interesting story of resilience and listening to the market to get to the right idea.

Points :

all the changes he made to his business idea based on market feedback

Ability for being adapt to change

Ability to change with current situation with level a head .

Second : be able to o manage team with different sizes.

Student asked him One question

What sparked the idea to target hotels and resorts?

Answer ?

Being able to have focus on segment that help him targeting hotels and resorts

Also , his planing to expand expand past hotels and resorts but first he’s keep focus on customer validation which will help him .

2nd part :in 3 - 4 sentence discussion

Zac spoke about all the changes he made to his business idea based on market feedback. These changes are not easy to detect and implement. Each one will come with ambiguous information and undefined parameters.

Your task on this thread is to discuss a time you received very critical/tough feedback and what did you do about it. What could you have done better?

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1st part: Insights I gained during the presentation
The speaker, Zac Spoor, presented his story about how he has managed to be successful
in the market. Zac, in his speech, said that his business has been successful because of the
resilience culture he has created and his determination to listen to the market for ideas. I was able
to gain various insights after Zac’s speech that I can implement in my future career.
To begin with, I l...

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Top quality work from this tutor! I’ll be back!

It’s my second time using SP and the work has been great back to back :) The one and only resource on the Interwebs for the work that needs to be done!

Thanks, good work

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