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Topic 1:

Research an organization or brand that you feel is a monopoly. Discuss the organization or brand giving your classmates a view details about why you feel it is a monopoly and determine if the monopoly is a regulated natural monopoly and why?

Topic 2:

After reading the section titled “Dominant Microprocessor Company Intel Adapts to Next Trend” (Chapter 11 pg. 384-385) and the article titled “2018-2019 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report: Creating Value through Transparency,” complete a list of reasons how a single firm like Intel comes to dominate some markets.

Topic 3:

Describe in 500 words the disaster recovery plan and who is responsible at your place of employment. Consider the critical business functions and your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

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Organizational Economics and Database Security
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Organizational Economics and Database Security
Topic 1
Consolidated Edison (ED) is a provider of electricity, gas and steam utility services to
millions of residents in New York. The company has been operational for nearly two centuries
acting as a reliable distributor of electric lines (Carnevale, 2013). ED is a monopoly given its
ability to dictate product price, dominance in the market and limited regulation. As a monopoly,
the company is able to influence the price of electricity and has no immediate pressure to
efficiently distribute power. Market dominance is further illustrated by the fact that the majority
of New Yorkers rely on ED for distribution of electricity. Likewise, as a price maker, consumers
have realized that the price they pay reflects the performance of power that they receive.
ED is also a regulated natural monopoly given the company’s control of economies of
scale and regulation by the state. Natural monopolies are ideally identified by economic
advantages associated with scale economies and technical considerations that prevent market
rivalry (Clark & Mondello, 2011). Similarly, ED maintains these advantages by building power
plants that are expensive and capital intensive. Additionally, ED as a regulated natural monopoly
is supervised by state regulators whose main concern during peak seasons is maintaining low
rates. Hence, ED is not only a monopoly in the energy industry...

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