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debate the grey areas around the issues raised in the following readings What are they in each case? Where do you agree and disagree, and why?

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Comments on the Two Articles - Outline
I. One of the issues raised in this article is that Leonard Peltier killed two FBI officers
II. I tend to disagree with this position. The report reveals that there have been doubts about
the fairness of the trail
III. The second grey issue that arises from this reading is whether installing the statues
Leonard Peltier is glorifying a cop killer or freedom of expression
IV. I believe that whether or not Peltier is a hero who should be appreciated or murderer
who should be condemned depends on a personal view.
V. One of the issues arising, as explained in the article, is whether it is right to attribute
specific religion to the statue of liberty
VI. Statue of Liberty was a symbol of freedom. Anyone who believes that he or she is being
denied that liberty can associate with the statue.
VII. The second issue arising from this article is what the purpose of art in society
VIII. I think it is time that people should understand that art is a means through which people
express their personal feelings and emotions and not simply to please people


Comments on the Two Articles

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