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Make sure there are atleast four scholarly peer reviewed journal articles found in the stony brook library database. Also paper not including the bibliography or any appendix page reached a full 5-7 pages. double spaced

Directions:1. Intersectional Policy Brief For this assignment, you will develop a policy brief that addresses the health or environmental consequences of racism nationally or locally (New York/Long Island). This project requires that you address racism and health using the lens of intersectionality. You must select a specific health problem related to the intersection of racism, class oppression, sexism and/or discrimination against LGBTQIA* minorities. In so doing, discuss specific health concerns for members of at least one racial or ethnic group,review existing policies, discuss related research and suggest policy proposals you think would make a constructive impact. Examples of possible topics include:racial or ethnic health disparities among low-income NativeAmericans; environmental racism in poor communities of color; mental health disparities among Latinx LGBTQIA* individuals; maternal mortality among African Americans, etc.

Follow this structure for your policy brief: Introduction and overview of the problem (1-2 pages) Explain current policies related to the problem (1-2 pages) Two or three policy recommendations and explanations for why they would be beneficial (2 pages) Conclusion (1 page)

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All final projects must include the following components: • Clear description of a specific problem or problems related to racism • Concrete suggestions for how these problems might be addressed • At least four scholarly references (peer-reviewed journal articles found in the Stony Brook library database or books — you cannot use ANY websites for your required scholarly sources)

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You must include a bibliography page in addition to the page limit and utilize at least four academic sources (scholarly articles and books). Your academic sources should relate to the ethnic or racial problem and impact of your proposal. You can include references from the syllabus in your academic sources. However, you may not use any websites for your academic sources, although you may include additional citations. Any academic source you cite should have page numbers and a specified author. Be sure to paraphrase appropriately, use quotations where necessary, cite correctly and avoid plagiarism. Citations and bibliographies should be formatted according to the ASA Style Guide, available in the Main Library (HM73 .A54 1997) or on Blackboard.

You can also learn more about the ASA citation style guide here: Your paper (not including the bibliography or any appendix) must be at least 5 full pages and cannot exceed 7 full pages.

Formatting: Each project must be written in full sentences and coherent prose. You may use bullet points in the strategic/structural overview section only. Your document must be Word file with double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman or Athelas font and 1 inch margins. Be sure to include page numbers. You may also include an optional title page in addition to the page limit. Projects that are longer than 7 pages will or less than 5 full pages (not including title page, references or appendix) will earn an F (59).

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TOPIC: Intersectional Policy
Thesis Statement: The paper discusses the various aspect of intersectional policies and
their focus on dealing with inequality issues among different groups of people in the society. The
paper addresses the mental health issues faced by African American men in the United States.
The paper is laid out as follow:
1. Introduction
2. Overview: Mental health issues among African American men
3. Policy recommendations
4. Conclusion
5. References



Intersectional Policy

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Intersectional Policy

Intersectionality in the system is crucial because it helps to identify and deal with
inequalities that occur in different social groups. Social identities, such as race, religion, sex, and
nationality, create unique and complex societal experiences. These groups face multiple systems
of power and resource distribution differently, leading to oppression and inequality. Integrating
the concept of intersectionality helps to identify different policies that address inequalities
experienced by different groups. Without considering intersectionality, some general policies
ignore inequalities aspects and end up marginalizing some groups more than others.
Intersectional strategies focus on addressing inequality issues, such as the health consequences of
racism. The paper will discuss
Overview: Mental health issues among African American men
Mental health issues are costly and steal one’s life. In the United States, psychiatric
disorders such as depression are highly prevalent. The statistics show that African Americans are
susceptible to experiencing mental issues due to various inequalities they encounter in society.
More so, underutilization of diagnosis and treatment services is seen among the black American
men. African American men experience various barriers to seeking medical help to address
mental health issues. Racism is one of the factors that influence mental health among black
Americans. The nature of racism has significantly reduced over the years. However, it continues
with adverse consequences in modern society (Hudson, Jake, and Andrae 2016: 126-128).
An underlying issue, such as unemployment, leads to psychological distress among black
American adults. Disparities continue in employment opportunities leading to the increased



poverty level. Research has shown that people living below the poverty line are likely to suffer
mental health issues. Among African Americans,...

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