SAF and NFPA standards Fire Chief and Fire Brigade Paper

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List down all the responsibilities and duties of fire chief according to both of "1. High commission for Industrial Security of Saudi Arabia" , and "2. According to NFPA standards"

List down all the responsibilities and duties of fire supervisor ,or fire Marshal, according to both of "1. High commission for Industrial Security of Saudi Arabia" , and "2. According to NFPA standards"


You are working in petrochemical company as HR business-partner and the details should be according to the law and regulations of Saudi Arabia

1. Reference all articles according to both Saudi Arabian Law and NFPA standard.

2. If there is any gray area need to be highlighted

3. Tasks for both fire chief and fire supervisors to be list including (Respond to emergency calls, train subordinates and ERT.

4. JAMA'A (Jubail Area mutual aid Association) who should be the responded and what his duties?

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Emergency Handling Analysis
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Emergency Handling Analysis
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Ministry of Interior under the general directorate
of civil defence, has established the position of fire chief (KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.
(n.d.). The duties and responsibilities of the fire chief and fire brigade, according to SAF
standards are as listed below.
1. The administration and management of fire-fighting issues in different departments.
2. The development, implementation, and evaluation of goals and objectives of the fire
brigade section.
3. The development, implementation, evaluation, and updating procedures and systems used
in fire-fighting.
4. Oversee the introduction and implementation of fire-fighting systems and projects,
among other aspects of fire prevention.
5. Continuous evaluation of new and old fire-fighting systems and equipment under their
charge (Al-Sharabi, 2018).
6. Organize response to emergencies through employee scheduling of firefighters.
7. Ensure fire-fighting equipment are kept up-to-date and in place to attend to emergencies
when the need arises.
8. Oversee the adoption and application of proper fighting techniques and the immediate
implementation of safety measures to protect the public.
9. Oversee through planning and conducting regular training of fire brigade staff, which
may include fire leadership, investigation, prevention, and use of fire apparatus such as
breathing apparatus, among others.
10. Evaluate the success of the offered training of fire brigade staff.

11. Oversee the testing of all fire equipment and systems regularly to ensure they are in a topnotch condition.
12. Oversee the effective maintenance of safety equipment for the safety of fire brigade
NFPA analysis
NFPA, also known as the National Fire Protection Agency, is the primary organization that
oversees the handling of disasters and emergencies in the US (Evarts & Stein, 2019). The NFPA
does not have the legal capacity to make laws but gives recommendations on what should be
done in case of an emergency or any other disaster to reduce casualty numbers and damage
caused (U.S BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS. 2018). The fire chief and the fire brigade are
established under NFPA. The duties and responsibilities are listed below.
1. Provision of oversight of the fire department through the management of day to day
2. Developing and implementing procedures and systems, standards, and controls throug...

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