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  • Why do you think there has been an increase in mental health issues in Americans despite the increase in affluence that has occurred since the 1950s? What does this say about the correlation between money and happiness?

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Firstly, let's accept the fact that we cannot always get the best of both worlds. This might what have had been happening to Americans right now. We may say that they are materially wealthy, but mentally poor.

Several countries are experiencing the concept I've mentioned, not only by mental issues, but may also be beyond that. Like, environmental, and religious matter. In America, evidences may be provided to fully explain what's going on. But apart from that, we may roughly assume that the mental ability has something to do with money.

Happiness is different from getting desired as we are seeing our materials of satisfaction. We may be temporarily contented, but with questions facing ourselves, "Do I need this?" Our money has this weakness: PERMANENCE.

Can you state a currency that don't ever change each day, or each week let's say? Nothing ever, right?  It's always changing.For that assumption, we may conclude that the American's mental health issue may be due to negative impact of alterations of their minds as their money is not always permanent in their range.

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