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story must provide enough background and context for a listener to understand the underlying issue.

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The intro to the story is more like a story proposal. The quotes are provided in chunks and are run-on sentences without punctuation.

You need to provide more background and context before and after the quotes. And some of their stories need to be told in paraphrase where you summarize their experience and set up a quotation.

Bottom line: what you submitted is the building blocks for a story but not a news story or even an essay. The story needs to go beyond the Humans of New York model that was the previous assignment.

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Abdulaziz Jadallah Professor. Nicolas Tatro Journalism trends 02/26/2020 Two Libyan Students Interview Overview The “Trump travel ban” is an action that was taken by Donald Trump as the Preisdent of the United States in 2017, and the Libyan conflict is an action that started back in 2011 when the NATO with help of people of Libya who took down the former President of Libya Muam’ar Qadaffi, and made Libya under control of two governments one based in the capital Tripoli and the other one in Banghazi. Which added Libya in the ban list. I will talk to two students from Libya. I will talk to them about how being in America affecting their life, both of them are students in the U.S. since 2015, One of them has applied for an asylum, but took for him thousands of dollars for lawyers to get accepted. The second person came in a student visa but stayed in the U.S. and want to complete his studies without applying asylum Goals The goal is to find all the information that might help to see how the trump travel ban impacted students from the government view and to see if students from these countries can go and come back to U.S. or not and and see how is their life in the U.S. How did you apply to come the U.S.? Nizar: First it’s a long process, I had to go to Tunisia to apply for a visa since U.S, embassy stopped accepting visa application in Libya, Like everyone else I went inside gave the employee all the paper he needs like everyone else but the process time not like anyone else, It took my more than a month to get my passport back with the student visa that only allows me to enter the U.S. once Esam: for me it was the same steps, my passport was returned to me after several months which the decision rejected because I was from the government that U.S. government doesn’t support. After a year I applied again and I got accepted which made me think what is the different from now and then Is it difficult for you to study in the U.S.? Nizar: Well, at the beginning I had fun when I lived in California I was 18 years old and didn’t know how my life will change in the future, the dollar has jumped to such a high and unbelievable rate which made it hard for me to continue go to school so I had to give up the school and stay home find a work and try to get an opportunity to get the paper work so after a while I got pulled over and I had to go to the court I was so scared that I’m NOT Legally staying here so I went to a lawyer and started the asylum process, after one year I received my working permit waiting for the green card and starting a new life away from my family Esam: It wasn’t difficult at all until the dollar has raised, I always try to not make it hard for my family so I worked hard to get a scholarship which made it easier for my family to pay, I had to apply for many jobs to get money that will help me to be in track, but overall it is a challenging experience I learned a lot about how politics has impacted my life and many others but I’m so thankful that I made it to school and hope to graduate and make my family proud of me. Esam King.esam1997@gmail.com 323.723,5954 Nizar Nizarkayat112@hotmail.com 507.545.3746 ...
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The Trump Travel Ban Made Life Tough for International Students
In 2017, newly elected US President Donald Trump issued an unprecedented travel ban
on many countries meaning they could not be allowed entry into the United States. This directive
was intended to cushion the country from intruders that could jeopardize national security.
However, this ruling was significant in the sense that it dealt a huge blow on international
students that harbored any ambition of studying in the US (Maryellen 330). Many of them saw
their entry requests counseled. For those that were lucky, they say this directive has made their
stay in the country even tougher...

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