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Case Study Directions

  • Read in your textbook Case #5: Lululemon Athletica, Inc. in 2017: Is the Company on the Path to Becoming a High Performer Again?
  • Write a 5–7 page paper answering the questions below.
  • At least 2 references of an academic or scholarly source is required for this case study paper.
  • Use APA writing style for in-text citations and each reference source that you use.
  • Remember, all wording that is not your own must be cited.
  • Use headings to format the paper (not the questions). Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing.

Case Study Questions

  1. How strong are the competitive forces confronting lululemon in the market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel? Prepare a five-forces analysis to support your answer.
  2. What does your strategic group map of the performance sports apparel industry look like? Is lululemon well positioned? Why or why not?
  3. What do you see as the key success factors in the market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel?
  4. What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the overall attractiveness of lululemon’s situation?
  5. What are the primary components of lululemon’s value chain?
  6. What are the key elements of lululemon’s strategy going into 2017?
  7. Which one of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely approximates the competitive approach that lululemon is employing?

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Case Study Discussion
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Case Study Discussion
Lululemon is situated in Canada, and it offers premium quality athletic attire in various
types of costs. The costs of Lululemon are generally premium. Lululemon has been encountering
money related benefits and gains as of late with the usage of its engaged separation methodology.
The organization is having its chain of stores. It is focused on upgrading a piece of the overall
industry in the North American market. It offers items in a specialty advertise, and the line of the
product for the organization is likewise similarly little when contrasted with different contenders.
The brand picture of the organization to promote is reliable and positive when compared with
various contenders. The eventual fate of Lululemon looks splendid as the organization is looking
towards extending its tasks past the North American market with the execution of a comprehensive
separation technique.
Competitive Forces Confronting Lululemon
All associations face contention. Whether or not you're the primary type of business, you
have to compete with movies, bars, and various ventures where your customers will experience
their money as opposed to with you. With extended use of the web to buy items and endeavors and
to find spots to go, you are never again simply matching your brisk neighbors. Unavoidably, you
could end up fighting with associations from various countries. A competitor could be a different
venture providing a similar item or a substitute of the product. Rivalry isn't just a single additional
business that may expel money from you. It will in general be another thing or organization that
is being made and which you should sell or planning to allow before someone else takes it up. In
the case study, we see that Lululemon is faced with stiff competition from other companies like
Nike, Under Armor,...

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